Tips To Increase The Height Of Your Kid

Happy Child

Kids grow at a rapid rate, however, this growth might not be appropriate if certain vital tips are not followed. A number of factors contribute to the overall growth of your children. Height is typically based on environmental factors and especially nutrition. Therefore, it’s vital to maintain your child’s proper balanced diet from a very early stage. However, if your child’s height is not appropriate or you want him/her to be taller, then you can easily follow the below mentioned tips.

A balanced diet

When the child is growing, it is important to provide him with the nutrients required by his body. A balanced diet must include fresh fruits on a daily basis, fresh vegetables, whole grains, proteins, and multiple dairy products. Cut short the consumption of foods that contain sugars, trans fats, and saturated fats as it might not only hamper your child’s health but will also stand like an obstacle in his/her overall growth.

Increase the food items that include Vitamin D as it promotes bone health, that can be found in milk, tuna,  and egg yolks. Measure the height of your child using this height calculator to collect the data for comparing before and after results.

An adequate amount of sleep

Skimping on sleep often hampers the height of your child in the long run. It is essential for children to get enough sleep during the early stages of their life. The human body releases HGH while sleeping.  This hormone is very crucial for the overall growth of your child. However, if your child doesn’t get enough sleep, the levels of these hormones might go down.

Thus, it is imperative for your child to get enough eye-shut throughout the day. Sometimes, getting extra sleep might help in increasing the level of HGH so, go ahead and let your child have a good afternoon power nap.

Staying active

Exercise comes with multiple benefits for your child. Regular body activities not only gives strength to your muscles but also to your bones. It also maintains a healthy weight of your child and prevents ailments such as obesity. A growing child must exercise for 1 hour daily to grow effectively and efficiently. This also helps to improve your child’s height at a proper rate.

Flexibility exercises such as yoga might help your child to strengthen his immune system as well. Skipping rope and cycling might also assist in your child’s height growth.

Teach your child a proper posture

Carrying a good body posture must be taught to your child at a very early stage so that he/she can get used to it. Reason being, a good body posture not only makes your child look smart and confident but also make him look taller. A regular slouch or slump might result in a permanent disfigured body.

Not only this, a bad posture can be a result of back pain or neck pain when they grow up. Thus, it’s pivotal for your child to adapt to a correct body posture to look tall and also to remain healthy.

Article by Monisha Maan