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DNA Genome

6 Benefits Of DNA Testing For Fitness, Diet, And Wellness

Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) is a double-stranded molecule that carries genetic instructions. This information is usually inherited from parents and, therefore, different among groups of families.  Developments in the study of components of a DNA molecule …

hearing aid elderly

How To Choose The Right Hearing Aid

Perhaps after a long time of being on the fence about it, now you’ve finally caved in to the need to use a hearing aid. It’s normal to have that skepticism at first. It is, …

detox diet

3 Signs That You Need A True Cellular Detox

There are several toxins in the environment the whole population is bombarded daily. Not many know this—the air, water, food, and even the products people use like cleaners and clothes are filled with toxins. Your …