Nutrition Facts Students Need To Know

The main concern for most students is their academic performance, assignments, and the college experience. Unknown to them, nutrition will have an effect on all these factors. If your nutrition is good, your grades will …

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Pain and suffering

5 Pain Management Tips That Really Work

Managing pain is notoriously difficult, especially in the long-term. While many causes of acute pain can be easily treated, long-term pain represents a much more difficult problem. Traditionally, we have combated pain using opioid painkillers, …

red blood cell

Effective Ways of Controlling High Blood Pressure

Health conditions related to high blood pressure have become very common in recent years. Blood pressure is the force that pumps blood from the heart into the arteries. When this pressure is above normal, the …


Dealing with a Birth Injury or Birth Defect

“I don’t care what the gender is, as long as my baby is healthy.” How many times have you heard a mum-to-be utter these words? If you are pregnant, chances are you’ve uttered them yourself, …


Mineral Health: CBD for Anxiety and Other Ailments

Communities across the world are seeing a modernized growth in the plant-based lifestyle, and we aren’t talking about eating more fruits and veggies. The talk of the town here in Austin, Texas, is Mineral Health, …

short sleep

How Does Short Sleep Affect your Body?

If you toss and turn all through the night due to sleeplessness, the next day you feel tired stressed, and irritable. Not sleeping for 8-9 hours makes you feel grouchy and dazed. It affects your …