The Ultimate Guide To Better Sexual Health And Wellness

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Why is it important to improve your sexual health and wellness? The answer to this question is quite obvious really: if you are in bad shape sexually you will not perform to the best of your ability and could potentially pick up or transmit infections and viruses.

Sadly the levels of sexually transmitted diseases in the general population are higher than ever which is why you need to do everything you can to improve your sexual health and wellness and of course, your sexual hygiene.

This post will tell you how you can do these things:

1. Practice safe sex

You need to get into the habit of having safe sex when you do have sex. Unfortunately in society today it’s not uncommon for people to have unprotected sex with strangers. When this post says to have safe sex, it means to wear protection.

Protection isn’t all you need to consider though. The experts from NORM UK make it clear on their website that there is a lot more to having safe sex than just contraception. You must also be very selective about who you choose to have sex with.

2. Communicate with your partner more openly

In a sexual relationship, whether it’s a casual or more serious one, openness is important. If you do not communicate with sexual partners and tell them what you are and what you are not comfortable with then they could try and push you out of your comfort zone.

When you are having sex or being intimate with another person it’s important to always be comfortable. The moment you feel uncomfortable or as though something is not right you need to take a step back and explain to your partner that they are overstepping boundaries.

3. Establish your boundaries

If you don’t clarify what your boundaries are then people are going to overstep them. When you are building relationships based on or involving sex you need to make it clear to the people involved what your boundaries are and what you are comfortable with. Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t do this and consequently get put into uncomfortable positions.

One of the main reasons people do not clarify their boundaries is not because they are shy or even reluctant to do so but instead because they don’t know what they are. Spend some time doing your research and figuring out what your boundaries are so you can ensure that other people respect them.

4. Maintain a healthy diet and exercise regularly

Good sexual health isn’t achievable if you do not maintain a healthy diet and exercise on a regular basis. A lot of people’s attitude to exercise is terrible, unfortunately. Most people prefer to sit at home on their computers eating snacks and living sedate lifestyles.

Improving your diet can be done quite easily, as can exercising. As you begin improving your general health your sexual performance will naturally improve and you will begin to be a much better lover. Additionally, you will be able to perform for longer in bed as your stamina will improve.

5. Manage stress levels

You need to manage your stress levels too. If you are under a lot of stress then you won’t be able to perform optimally in bed. High levels of stress can negatively impact your health in other ways too. A lot of people underestimate the harm that excessive stress can cause.

If you are very stressed out then rather than trying to deal with it by drinking alcohol and taking drugs (which a lot of people do) try to deal with it healthily by speaking to a therapist and burning stress by exercising and getting outdoors.

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6. Avoid consuming alcohol and recreational drugs

The use of drugs and alcohol can be very bad for your health physically, sexually, and mentally. If you are intending on using them then do so in moderation and make sure it is legal for you to do. If the drugs you are using are not legal in your country then using them is unwise and of course, has the potential to get you arrested.

When you use drugs and alcohol your inhibitions are lowered and you are a lot more likely to do things you ordinarily wouldn’t. Keep in control of yourself and never have sex with strangers when intoxicated.

7. Improve the quality of your sleep

The quality of your sleep can have a massive impact on your sexual health and performance in bed. A lot of people do not get as much sleep as they should today and this is mainly due to overuse of smartphones and electronic devices.

If you use your mobile device or computer a lot then try to cut down on your screen time. Make sure that you do not use it before bed either. Using devices before bed can overstimulate the brain. Overstimulation can then lead to insomnia. If you really cannot sleep and screen time has nothing to do with it then speak to a doctor.

8. Practice good hygiene, physically and mentally

Practice good physical and mental hygiene. Physical hygiene is important because if you are not clean then you are more likely to pick up some kind of infection in bed. Also, you are more likely to transmit diseases and infections to people who clean themselves when you are unclean.

Mental hygiene is important too. If you do not practice good mental hygiene then your inhibitions are likely to be lower and you will be more likely to have sex with people who’re unsafe to be in bed with and more likely to do things you normally wouldn’t like sleeping with someone without protection.

9. Using lubrication during sexual activity

During sexual activity, you should use lubrication. Using lubrication in bed can make it a lot more pleasurable for yourself and for your partners. Penetrative sex without lubrication is of course possible but it is not always wise. Dry sex can be very painful.

You should try to avoid scented and flavored lubricants as these tend to contain harmful chemicals. It is a much better idea to use a plain lubricant like Vaseline that does not contain any additives, flavorings, or scents. This brand is also very cheap and widely available.

10.  Find the right person to be intimate with

If you want good sexual health then you need to find the right person to be intimate with. A lot of people make the mistake of being free and liberal with their sexual partners. Such an attitude to sex is one of the worst things you can possess.

Finding the right people to have sex with is not easy though. A lot of people struggle to do this. One way you can do it is by using a casual dating app. Casual dating apps are widely available and very popular right now. Always research people before agreeing to meet with them.

11.  Explore and experiment sexually

If you want to improve your sexual health then make sure that you explore and experiment sexually and learn who you really are. A lot of people make the mistake of rushing into things without researching them first. If you do not spend time researching and learning about who you are then you won’t ever flower and come into your own.

A good thing about experimenting (safely) is that you get the benefit of gaining experience too. Gaining experience in the bedroom will make you a more confident and stronger lover. Being more confident in bed will impress your sexual partners.

12.  Improve your sexual performance

Improving your sexual performance in bed is something you can only do by gaining experience as mentioned in the previous section. A good way of improving yours could be by learning about sex as an act. There are lots of courses and guides you can take to help you improve your performance.

You could even work with a sex coach. A sex coach is a professional lover who uses their expertise in bed to teach others who are not as experienced as them. One of the best things about working with a sex coach is that they will be able to identify what areas you need to improve in most of all.

13.  Remember to masturbate at home

Masturbating at home is definitely something that you need to do if you want to improve your sexual health. A lot of people’s biggest issue is that they prematurely ejaculate. Premature ejaculation can ruin your relationships with lovers.

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Masturbating at home is a highly effective way of learning to control yourself and gaining experience. Remember though: if you are watching porn it is not a realistic representation of what happens during sex. Porn is exaggerated and very unrealistic and is not something that you should buy into too much.

14.  Seek help for concerns

If you have any concerns about your sexual health then you should field them directly to a doctor or an expert. A lot of people make the mistake of relying on the internet for information about their sexual health. While the internet can be helpful it’s better to speak to experts.

Speaking to experts is a good way of answering any of your questions or queries. Make sure that if you have any immediate, urgent concerns you speak to a doctor or go to the ER. A doctor or a professional in the ER would be able to address immediate concerns.

15.  Use contraception

As stressed several times already in this article when you are having sex you need to make sure that you use contraception. It’s especially important to make sure that you never have unprotected sex with strangers.  Having unprotected sex with strangers is one of the worst things you can do.

Not only does having sex with strangers put you at risk of picking up infections and diseases but there’s also the risk that you are going to get somebody pregnant (or get pregnant yourself). If you are planning on using contraception then it’s usually best to double up.

16.  Maintain a healthy weight

Going back to diet, you need to make sure that you maintain a healthy weight. Maintaining a healthy weight is something that can be done quite easily as long as you eat healthily and exercise. A healthy diet isn’t difficult to achieve though. If you are planning on eating healthily then eat more organic fruit and vegetables.

Organic fruit and vegetables are grown without as many chemical pesticides. Chemical pesticides can be extremely bad for people’s health over time. If you are planning on losing weight then make sure that you don’t rush as this can be bad for your health.

17.  Prioritize building a connection with partners

When you do enter into relationships, sexual or emotional, you need to make sure that you prioritize building a connection with them. Building a connection with your partners will help you to strengthen your bond with them and improve your confidence in the bedroom.

When you have a good bond with your sexual partners you will feel a lot more confident in the bedroom and will also be a lot less likely to experience nervousness when performing new sexual acts. New sexual acts can be extremely difficult to try when you are in bed with a new person.

18.  Learn to love yourself

Lastly, make sure that you learn to love yourself. If you do not love yourself and are not comfortable with who you are then you are never going to perform well in bed. Learning to love yourself is something that can be hard to do though, unfortunately.

If you are experiencing feelings of self-doubt and even hatred then you need to make sure that you get in touch with a therapist. A therapist’s help is invaluable when you are doubting yourself. There are lots of potential therapists you could hire or get in touch with so shop around and do your research.

A therapist’s reviews will help you to figure out whether they are worth hiring or not. Make sure that they have a high star rating in addition to good reviews. A high star rating clearly shows that even customers who do not have the time to leave reviews like them.


Improving your sexual health should be one of your main concerns. You can do that by following the guidance given in this post. If you have any doubts or queries then get in touch with a sexual health professional.