Hospital Scrubs: Types and Styles


Are you tired of the same old boring scrubs every day? Or maybe you’re just starting in the medical field and overwhelmed by all the different types and styles of hospital scrubs available.

Look no further! In this blog post, we’ll explore everything from traditional solid colors to trendy patterns, as well as various cuts and fits so that you can find your perfect set of hospital scrubs.

Say goodbye to mundane work attire and hello to a more fashionable and functional wardrobe!

Basic Scrubs

Scrubs that are basic in style and cut are the most common type of scrub worn by nurses, doctors, and other medical professionals. Basic scrubs consist of a top and bottom piece which may be solid blocks of color.

It offers subtle design elements or incorporates printed medical emblems. Basic scrubs are typically made from lightweight cotton or cotton-polyester blend fabric.

Solid colors tend to be the most popular for basic scrubs, with common colors including navy blue, hunter green, light blue, teal, and cherry red. Basic scrubs may also feature drawstrings and decorative pockets.

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Cargo Scrubs

These have a relaxed, low-rise styling with an adjustable drawstring waist, rather than using traditional elastic. They have specialized pockets on the legs. This is usually sitting above and below the front pockets.

It allows more room for carrying your medical tools as you go through your day. They often come in seasonal colors that can add a touch of personality to an otherwise sterile environment. Cargo scrubs are highly durable.

It allows you to be able to wear them in rough conditions. Because of their construction, color options, and utility, cargo scrubs have become the most widely adopted type of scrubs in the medical community.

Maternity Scrubs

Maternity scrubs are designed to provide comfort and support to pregnant women who work in the medical field. They typically have a banded waistline and adjustable straps to accommodate a growing belly.

The styles are usually a mid-length top and pant set with a varying variety of sleeve lengths, front closures, and pocket types available. The waistline of these scrubs is made to fit somewhat loosely.

This is because the mother’s waist size can fluctuate throughout the pregnancy. With more attention being put on the look of these scrubs, you can find trendy patterns and designs, often with an empire waistline.

These scrubs tend to breathe and are generally made of materials such as cotton, polyester, and spandex. To make sure that pregnant nurses can perform their duties comfortably, maternity scrubs are the perfect option.

Petite Scrubs

Petite scrubs are a type of scrubs and are characterized by a slightly modified fit. The clothing is tailored to fit smaller frames and is best for individuals who are 5’4″ and below. Petite scrubs come in various styles and colors.

This is typically one to two inches shorter than the traditional length for scrubs. The goal of petite scrubs is to prevent the bottom of the clothing from bunching under the feet when standing or walking.

Petite scrubs come with different sleeve lengths and a variety of sizes. This is so they can be customized to the wearer’s height and body shape. Petite scrubs are made to be lightweight and durable, which allows the wearer’s skin to breathe. The material is also designed to resist fading, shrinking, and wrinkling, which all help create a professional, polished look.

Tall Scrubs

Tall scrubs are popular among hospital staff for their comfortable, flattering, and stylish fit. The tall length usually extends to the mid-thigh and offers extra coverage, making it more professional and dignified to the wearer.

Tall scrubs come in a range of styles, including tops and bottoms, short or long-sleeved, and capris, depending on the preference of the individual.

Because tall scrubs are slightly longer in the body, they are a great option for those of tall stature or nurses who spend long hours on their feet and need extra length. Tall scrubs are also made from durable, easy-care, and colorfast fabrics.

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This includes cotton and polyester blends to withstand frequent washing and need minimal ironing. Professionals who prefer tall scrubs have many options to choose from and can feel confident knowing that their look is dignified, stylish, and comfortable.

Fit Scrubs

Fit scrubs provide a comfortable, modern fit and are designed to contour the body and move with the wearer. They have side vents, side seams, and back darts for ease of movement.

They come in colors and styles to suit every individual’s needs, from classic whites, blues, and greens to more fashion-forward colors and prints.

Fit medical scrubs have adjustable drawstring waist and cuff slits, making them easier to wear and adjust than loose-fitting scrubs. For the highest level of comfort, fit scrubs are an ideal choice for medical professionals.

Learn and Discover the Types and Styles of Hospital Scrubs Today

Hospital scrubs come in a variety of types and styles, from basic traditional to designer collections, providing some style and color to the workplace. Nurses, doctors, and other hospital staff can find the perfect outfit for their needs.

Whatever the style, be sure to get a great fit for optimal comfort and performance – visit a scrub store today for more options!

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