Who is The Ideal Candidate for a Male Breast Reduction?

Risperdal Gynecomastia

Gynecomastia is a condition where the male breast tissue is enlarged. It could be enlarged due to a glandular concern, or it may simply be due to stubbornly lingering fat deposits. Excess breast tissue can also be seen when there is a hormonal imbalance, such as those seen when testosterone is lacking.

Gynecomastia will not have a negative impact on the health of the man living with it, but it can lead to a fair amount of embarrassment and shame. The male breast reduction surgery can help to restore a masculine chest while also restoring confidence levels.

What can cause gynecomastia?

There are a number of factors that can contribute towards a man developing gynecomastia. Some men, however, may never know the exact cause behind their own concerns. The primary triggers responsible for the condition are hormonal imbalances and puberty.

Additional factors could include the following.

  • Gaining weight or obesity, which can lead to an increase in estrogen production
  • Medications for a number of health conditions
  • Use of anabolic steroids
  • Use of marijuana
  • Excess use of alcohol
  • Some health conditions, including some forms of cancer or liver conditions

What is the male breast reduction procedure?

Knowing as many male breast reduction details as is possible can help you to better determine whether this procedure is the right choice for you.

Using precisely targeted incisions, your surgeon will reduce the size of your breasts. Excess breast tissue, fat and sometimes excess skin will be removed. The result will be a flattened chest and an enhanced masculine chest contour. In some cases, the position and the size of the areola will be changes in order to produce better natural results.

The ideal candidate for surgery

The growth of excess breast tissue is not generally the result of a serious medical condition, but it can be a complication of some medical issues. It’s important that you first consult with your general practitioner in order to rule out any other possible causes, prior to your consultation for the male breast reduction surgery.

If your gynecomastia is not the results of an underlying untreated hormonal imbalance or medical condition, you might qualify as a candidate for the surgery.

Other factors that will make you the ideal candidate for the surgery include the following.

  • You should have a healthy lifestyle, where you have worked to reduce the excess fatty breast tissue. Sometimes a healthy workout routine can attain the results just as easily as surgery can.
  • Patients who are overweight would not be considered ideal candidates so you should have maintained a healthy and stable weight for several months.
  • If you have asymmetry in your breasts, surgery can restore a balanced and natural look to your chest.
  • You should not use anabolic steroids. They can contribute towards gynecomastia, so it’s quite pointless to have the breast reduction surgery only to have the steroids contribute towards growth again in the future.
  • If the size of your chest is resulting in both physical discomfort and social discomfort, you are a good candidate for the reduction procedure.

Patients should be in good overall health, be non-smokers and be prepared for the six to eight-week recovery period.