Legal Nootropics in the US Market: What Smart Drugs to Buy in 2023?

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The use of nootropics has been on the rise as professionals from all walks of life use it to gain a competitive edge in today’s highly competitive job market. However, while some of the products used are illegal, there are many legal options available in the US market. Whether you’re a student looking to improve your academic performance or a professional looking to gain a competitive edge at work, there’s a nootropic that can help you. In this article, we will explore the best smart drugs to buy in 2023.

What Are Nootropics or Smart Drugs?

Nootropics, also known as “smart drugs” or cognitive enhancers, are substances formulated to enhance cognitive function. They are commonly used by healthy individuals looking to increase productivity at work and enhance academic performance, as well as those looking to maintain a healthy brain function as they get older.

Nootropics have positive effects on cognitive function, providing benefits such as:

  • increased alertness;
  • enhanced memory;
  • faster mental processing speed;
  • improved mood.

They are available in different forms, including prescription medications, dietary supplements, and herbs. Regardless of what form they come in, they primarily work to trigger the release of helpful neurotransmitters or increase blood flow to the brain. At this point, it is worth noting that not all “smart drugs” are safe and effective. This is why it is important to seek advice from a doctor and choose the right product [1].

Are Smart Drugs Legal in the USA?

Some smart drugs are legal in the USA, while others are unregulated and illegal. Prescription “smart drugs” such as modafinil, armodafinil, and Adderall are considered legal when purchased with a valid prescription prescribed by a licensed doctor.

On the other hand, some over-the-counter nootropic dietary supplements are legal and available for purchase. However, it is worth noting that they are not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This means there is no way to guarantee the purity of their ingredients and their overall safety but to bank on the words of their manufacturers. So it is important to stick to products that have been tested and found safe and effective by a whole lot of people.

The Best Nootropic Supplements for 2023

There are countless nootropic supplements available in the market, but some surpass others in terms of safety, effectiveness, and tolerability. Based on these parameters, the best legal nootropics for 2023 worth considering include modafinil, Mind Lab Pro, NooCube, VyvaMind, Alpha Brain, and Qualia Mind. Let’s take a closer look at each of these products:



Modafinil is probably the best option on this list. It has been used for decades by millions of people around the world, and there has been no serious complaint about it. Although it is a prescription medication approved by the FDA to treat narcolepsy and other sleep disorders, it has great cognitive-enhancing benefits. Some of them include improved focus, enhanced memory retention ability, and increased alertness [2].

Modafinil is well-tolerated and has few side effects. In fact, because of its relatively low potential for addiction and minimum risk of side effects, researchers at Oxford and Harvard Universities deemed it “the world’s first safe ‘smart drug [3].’”

Mind Lab Pro

Mind Lab Pro is a popular nootropic dietary supplement designed to enhance memory, increase alertness, and improve focus in healthy individuals. Its active ingredient list consists of a combination of 11 ingredients, including lion’s mane mushroom, Rhodiola rosea, and Bacopa monnieri. These ingredients are known to possess strong cognitive-enhancing capabilities with minimal side effects [4].


NooCube is a nootropic supplement with natural and a well-tested formula that improves memory, increases concentration, and enhances cognitive function. It contains a blend of clinically tested nootropic ingredients such as alpha-GPC, Bacopa monnieri extract, and L-theanine, among others [5]. This nootropic is unique in the sense that it enhances cognitive function and protects the brain by acting on the root cause of cognitive disorders.


This is a powerful nootropic supplement that contains a combination of minerals, herb extracts, and vitamins. It was specially formulated to increase mental clarity, boost memory, increase alertness, and reduce mental fatigue. People who use it have reported that it is well-tolerated and effective.

Alpha Brain

Alpha Brain is a safe and effective nootropic supplement formulated to help enhance brain function, boost memory, and promote focus. It contains a blend of earth-grown nootropic ingredients known for their safety and effectiveness. Some of them include Bacopa monnieri, oat straw, and Huperzia serrata, among others.

Qualia Mind

Qualia Mind is yet another well-tolerated and super-effective nootropic dietary supplement. Its ingredient list consists of well-known natural nootropics such as Rhodiola rosea, Bacopa monnieri, and alpha-GPC, among others. It was specifically formulated to boost memory, increase mental clarity, and improve the overall cognitive function of the user.

Benefits of Using Smart Drugs

In addition to increased alertness, enhanced memory, improved mood, and the other benefits we’ve already mentioned, “smart drugs” provide several other benefits. For starters, some may stimulate the growth of new neurons and synapses, which can improve mental function over time.

A combination of some nootropic ingredients, such as L-theanine and caffeine, may reduce mental fatigue and help increase mental processing speed. What’s more, nootropic ingredients such as omega-3 fatty acids are known to improve mood and reduce inflammation in the brain.

At this point, it is worth noting that while these “smart drugs” are popular for the benefits they provide, their safety and effectiveness can vary from one individual to another. Factors such as age, weight, health status, and medication usage are some of the factors that can influence a user’s response. It is advisable to consult a doctor or healthcare provider before taking any dietary supplement or prescription medication.

Potential Side Effects

Like every other drug, nootropics can cause side effects. Different nootropics can cause different side effects; however, some side effects are common among several nootropic products. Also, it is common for people taking them for the first time to experience mild symptoms, which may clear without treatment as soon as the body gets used to the drug. Some of them include [6]:

  • headache;
  • insomnia;
  • gastrointestinal problems;
  • dizziness;
  • fainting;
  • diarrhea;
  • nausea.

Sometimes, nootropics can cause more serious side effects, especially if they are used incorrectly. These sorts of adverse effects can be life-threatening if left untreated. Some of them include blurry vision in one or both eyes, anxiety, ringing in one or both ears, and hallucinations. It is always a great idea to seek urgent medical attention if any of these side effects arise.

Nootropics in the US: Where to Buy OTC Drugs Online?

If you fancy the idea of being super productive at work or having high grades in school, you may be wondering where to buy OTC drugs online. Well, there are probably as many online nootropic vendors as there are stars in the night sky. However, it is important to choose a reputable seller so you don’t end up with counterfeit products.

For nootropic supplements such as NooCube, Mind Lab Pro, Alpha Brain, Qualia Mind, and VyvaMind, the best place to buy them is from their manufacturer’s official websites. Sourcing them directly ensures that you get high-quality products at the best possible price.

On the other hand, if you want to buy modafinil online in the USA, it is advisable to patronize e-pharmacies that have a track record of selling high-quality pills. Unlike the other “smart drugs,” modafinil manufacturers rely on distributors to get their meds to customers.,, and HighStreetPharma are some reputable vendors you can bank on. They source their products directly from the manufacturer, provide excellent customer service, and insured shipping. This means that customers can rest assured they will either get a full refund or have their parcels reshipped if it does not arrive on time. What’s more, they all have high customer ratings on reputable review platforms, including Trustpilot and Yotpo.


The world of cognitive enhancement has come a long way in recent years, and the US  market now offers a wide range of legal nootropics for people who need them to increase productivity. However, it is important to remember that people are different, and so are the effects of the drug on them. Before you buy modafinil online or any other “smart drug,” it is important to consult a healthcare provider to help determine if it is safe for use. By making informed decisions, you can incorporate these products into your daily routine and get the best out of them.


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