How to maintain a healthy sex life

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Being intimate with your partner can change over time. The frequency with which you have sex can change and it can get a little stale. However, this does not need to be the case. As you get older, your relationship should get better. You should have become familiar with your partner’s likes and dislikes and worked out your preferences. Things do get in the way like everyday chores but there are plenty of things you can do to ensure that you lead a healthy sex life. 


This is key to any relationship is to never mind your intimate sex life. Talking to each other is a great way to explore your relationship. In order to get the most intimacy, you need to speak about the deep things. Share your innermost thoughts and feelings but most importantly your worries. If there is something that is bothering you about your body or performance then it is likely coming across to your partner. Discuss everything with them. From living with genital herpes, which this site explains, to your kinks and preferences. It will help to maintain a healthy sex life.

Initiate intimacy more often

You cannot expect your partner to be the only one to be responsible for romance in your relationship. You both need to take this as your responsibility and take opportunities to initiate sex more often. If you are struggling to do this, then you could try and make more time for intimate acts and plan date nights so that you are already in a romantic atmosphere before moving to the bedroom. You can even do things as simple as holding hands to show affection which will help promote a desire for sex. 

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Look after yourself

Keeping yourself in physical, mental, and emotional health is important for having a healthy sex life. When you feel happy and healthy, you can create a positive body image and thus be more in the mood. Exercising regularly and eating a healthy diet will make you more active in any and all activities. Make a fitness plan that will improve your self-esteem and your flexibility. Some evidence even suggests that one bout of exercise can make intimacy more pleasurable.

Seek out help when you need it

If you and your partner are struggling to create intimate moments, then there is no shame in seeking out help. Maintaining a healthy sex life is like anything else in your daily routine, if it is not working then you should try and fix it. You could try talking to a doctor if you are noticing symptoms that were not there before. This can include pain or rashes. Doctors can prescribe treatments for you. Or you can seek counselling who may help you communicate with your partner and help you and your partner. 

Maintaining a healthy sex life

As much as people may not want to admit it, sex is a big part of any relationship. You need to make sure that you resolve any problems that you are experiencing. Not talking about it will only lead to things getting worse.