What does a mental health evaluation consist of?

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Feeling emotionally and mentally unstable can be scary and exhausting. You might wish to discover what treatments are available to help you feel more like yourself again. 

Fortunately, a mental health professional can offer many options for treatment after you’ve worked together to better understand your symptoms and form a diagnosis.

A mental health evaluation is a series of diagnostics that will help determine what kinds of mental health treatment would be most powerful for you. Positive Reset of Eaton Town and other clinics perform these evaluations, which often consist of the following steps:

Initial Symptom Assessment

Your mental health provider will probably first ask you to name your symptoms as you experience them. You could write them down prior to attending your session if you think you might forget. If you can, record the frequency of these symptoms and any triggers. You might also get asked questions about your lifestyle habits.

Some providers specialize in specific conditions. You can find a provider easily by searching “mental health clinic near me” and looking for one with expertise in treating your symptoms.  

Diagnostic Testing Questionnaires

After your doctor records your symptoms, you might be asked to complete a series of diagnostic questionnaires. These questions are usually multiple choice and sliding scale from mild to severe symptoms. You might feel like you’re filling out a survey or Cosmo quiz, but these questionnaires are essential for determining which of your symptoms most impact your life.

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Forming an Initial Treatment Plan

Your healthcare provider may give you a diagnosis on the first visit or choose to delay an official diagnosis until after you’ve had some treatment, and you can see how you respond. Either of these methods is correct. When you search for “mental health clinic near me,” you can read healthcare providers’ websites and get a better idea of their approach.

Your treatment plan could include many recommendations, including medication, therapy, and lifestyle changes. You will work with your healthcare provider to decide where to start on these treatments. Of course, if you are in danger of hurting yourself or others, please do not wait for a diagnostic appointment and seek emergency mental health care immediately.

The Path to Feeling Better with a “Mental Health Clinic Near Me”

When searching for a “mental health clinic near me,” you’ll have taken an essential first step in treating your mental health. Your particular mental health struggle or stigmas around mental health might make you question this process. It’s fairly simple, completely confidential, and you’ll be able to talk to a professional about the best ways to help yourself feel better.

Of course, there is some trial and error in finding the best treatment plan for your mental health. A diagnostic appointment is just one step on a journey to recovery. Eating right, exercising, and creating a solid sleep schedule could also help you to feel better if you are able. Talking to a qualified mental health professional will give you many more tools to guide you back to feeling more like yourself.