Is Testosterone Replacement Therapy Right For You?


When you think of a manly-man you might visualize someone like a lumberjack or a construction worker. Manly-men are tall, wide, muscular, can grow a beard quickly, and have a deep voice. We all know that that image is just one that the media portrays and you don’t actually have to workout everyday or work in the great outdoors in order to be a tough guy. In fact, in today’s world, it’s okay to be a guy and not be a tough guy at all, although many men take pride in their stereotypical manly ways. So, what makes a man a man?

If you’ve ever heard someone say something like “there’s too much testosterone in the room”, they were referring to the hormone that runs in large amounts through all guys bodies. Testosterone or “T” is a steroid hormone that most people know as the sex drive hormone in men. Women too produce testosterone, but in much smaller amounts. What many don’t know is that testosterone, although produced in the testes, does more than just stimulate sex drive and help sperm count. It’s also associated with bone and muscle mass, fat storage, red blood cell production, and even mood. The manly-man referred to before would take pride in the testosterone that’s thriving in his body, because after all, that’s what makes him a man, right?

Some men have low T levels, meaning they’re not producing as much testosterone as their body should be.  This does not make a man any less than a manly-man, he just might see some symptoms of the condition known as hypogonadism. Sometimes, this condition can be left untreated if it’s not causing any serious medical conditions, but other times it can be treated with testosterone replacement therapy. If your low testosterone levels are bugging you on more than a pride level, be it excessive weight gain, low red blood cell production, or poor prostate health, the replacement therapy might be the right decision for you.

It’s understood that men typically don’t want to hear that their body isn’t naturally producing as much testosterone as it should be, but nobody’s perfect right? It’s always better to get your symptoms checked out by a doctor and then receive the treatment necessary in order to get on with your life. Staying in a state of denial just leads to the potential of causing long-term problems and not getting any better. Some of the symptoms of low testosterone levels include having low energy, losing muscle mass, gaining weight, not enjoying your life as much as you used to, having a low sex drive, losing your strength and endurance, and being in a bad mood or depression for lengthy periods of time. GameDay Men’s Health, a testosterone replacement therapy company even has a Low T test you can take to better understand how your testosterone levels are affecting your health. The quiz can be found here. If you think you could be a candidate for testosterone replacement therapy, there’s no point in waiting until your symptoms get worse, you should find a specialist and get checked out as soon as you have an inkling that something’s just not right.

Testosterone replacement therapy doesn’t have to intrude on your life the way you might think it would. Places like GameDay Men’s Health offer different treatment options for men with non-flexible schedules as well as flexible schedules. For working men, you can schedule your treatment therapy appointment that will last a mere 20 minutes each. To enroll in this on-the-go program all you have to do is get your testosterone levels checked, create a game plan in order to match your health goals with the goals of the treatment option, and then stop in monthly for 20 minutes in order to pick up your treatments. This on-the-go method is extremely convenient for the busy man. If you’re more of a treatment and hang out kind of person, GameDay has man cave locations that offer flat-screen TVs for client use, leather chairs, refreshments, and a ton of sports. No matter what kind of guy you are, GameDay can cater to you.

Testosterone replacement therapy is also a lot more common than you would think. As men age, they lose about 1% of their testosterone production capabilities each year. With that drastic drop, testosterone replacement therapy can help men experience some of these incredible benefits.

  • Feel more energetic
  • Improve stamina and endurance
  • Create more defined muscle mass
  • Weight loss
  • Sharper focus and improved cognitive abilities
  • Happiness
  • Decreased risk of depression or heart conditions
  • Improved sex drive
  • Increased confidence

Most men will have the first concern of if undergoing testosterone replacement therapy makes them any less manly. The answer is clearly no. It’s a common problem that many men have just aren’t aware of. If you’re lucky enough to figure out that you have low T levels, there’s no reason that you shouldn’t seek treatment. The next concern might be how safe the process really is. All hormone replacement therapies undergo lengthy testing before they’re performed on people. GameDay Men’s Health takes safety to the next level and uses only bioidentical hormones. This means that the testosterone put into your body is molecularly identical to the testosterone that your body produces on its own. While there are synthetic hormones out there, GameDay is a 100% bioidentical facility.

Testosterone replacement therapy is the right treatment for you if you’re suffering from low T levels. Before any therapy is actually performed on you, blood tests will be done in order to prove that you’re truly suffering from low T levels and not another condition. Professionals will then work with you to identify the game plan that fits both your schedule and your health goals. If anything, seeking help for low T levels is the manly thing to do. Think about what you could do with that extra dose of dude.