How to Style Your Beard in 2022?

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A man’s psychological wellbeing is strictly linked with a solid personal image, and a stylish beard can do so much to improve his appearance, thus contributing to his self-confidence and mental health. A well-groomed bear is a vital asset in any man’s style, and it’s a great weapon to boost both his self-esteem and social abilities. However, beards’ style must follow the modern trends set in 2022 not to look outdated or just unkempt. And remember: before you settle on any style, your beard must fit with your face shape and size!

Trimmed Beard

A trimmed beard looks neat, clean and stylish. It requires some attention, and if your growth is quick enough it may be a bit of a pain to always kept it short and well-trimmed enough. However, it’s a good choice to add value to elongated faces or for people with large, squared jaws. You can choose a faded or tapered beard, disconnect it from the sideburns, or add a handlebar moustache to it for additional quirkiness.

The Biker Beard

A biker beard is a somewhat dramatic option that requires a certain degree of time and committment to be achieved. It’s bushy, it’s rocky, and it looks rugged and strong. This one of the most common beard styles for old men and one that helps you look at least 10 years younger. It’s also very good if your face is squared or if you want to cover you chin. However, if you’re young, it may make you look aged, which is something you might not want to happen.

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The Stubble Beard

The stubble beard, also known as the “5 o’clock shadow” is barely a beard at all. In other words, it’s the equivalent of forgetting to shave yourself for a day or two. Lighter haired men may require more days to achieve this effect, and to become visible, a stubble beard can take up to a week to look cool enough. Shared by many famous people like Zac Efron, David Beckham, or Toby Maguire, it’s perfect for those men who always look young, or are looking for an innocent, teenage boy-like effect.

The Rounded Beard

As the name easiliy implies, the rounded beard is a perfect choice for people with rounder or diamond-shaped faces. It doesn’t make your cheeks look bulky, and you can choose a shorter or longer version. However, if you go for the long version, you must keep it as even and uniform as possible, as too much length can end giving a bad-looking chipmunk effect.

The Bandholz Beard

The Bandholz beard takes its name from the Brooklyn influencer and Beardbrand founder, Eric Bandholz. It’s a very specific beard shape, that only grows if your beard grows that way, so it’s hard to replicate it. However, if you’re among the lucky ones who can show off this brutal power yeard, the Bandholz is as hipsterish as a beard can be.


Whatever is the beard that suits your needs, take your time to shave it and work on it. A beard is such an important part of yourself that your mental health will benefit from these attentions, and will help you consolidate your self-image.