Dealing with Hair Loss – How Can You Retain Your Confidence?

Bald Man
Credits: Jeffrey Lin

Ageing is part of life; however, that doesn’t mean we are always comfortable with the things that might happen. To some extent, how we age comes down to good old genetics, that moment where you either curse or thank your parents for their contribution, which is sadly something you cannot change. Male pattern baldness or hair loss is one issue that tends to divide the male population. While we wait for newer technological solutions (read the article on hair on to know more), we have to deal with losing our hair no matter what. Some are chilled with the idea of baldness, but for others, it can really hit the confidence and make for some challenging years. In some instances, the stress of losing hair can become a serious burden that is shared with a partner or spouse. Some suffer so much that their entire personal life is affected to the point they need family counseling to find a solution. So how can you deal with hair loss and retain your confidence to look in the mirror?

Embrace the Bald

Some men decide that embracing their hair loss is the option for them. Whether you are losing your hair or going grey before you wanted to, if you do not like what is on top any longer, removing it is an option. Acting promptly can be a clever way of preventing any comments from friends and family, or shopping around for costly products such as Plantur 39  As soon as you notice the tell-tale signs, the thinning on top, or a bald patch emerging, go for a buzz cut. Once you are used to your new shorter hair, shaving your head won’t seem so shocking. If you are going to embrace your lack of hair remember to look after your scalp so that it stays looking sleek. Stars like Dwayne the Rock Johnson and Vin Diesel have certainly set bald up as sexy, and they are legendary icons to style yourself on. Remember to moisturise the scalp and in the summer use sunscreen or wear a hat as a bright red dome will certainly attract negative attention.

Consider a Hair Transplant

If you are not so comfortable with the idea of losing your hair, then why not consider a hair transplant. With advancements in technology, this is now a very real alternative for everyone. Do some research when you are choosing the best hair transplant center so that you can be sure you will get the results you hope for. Ask to see some case studies that include before and after photographs, and get a detailed understanding of how the process works. If you do not want people to know that you have opted for this route, you may need to get creative with headgear, and perhaps take a little time off work when the procedure is carried out. However, it is fair to say that a hair transplant can really restore your luscious locks and defy this potential downside to ageing. Once the transplant has taken, you will be able to style and cut your hair as you used to and no one needs to be any the wiser that you started to go bald. Dye will come in handy when you start to go grey, so again get in early and establish a colour people will be used to if you want to keep it low key.

Both embracing the bald and having a hair transplant are great ways of hiding the potential baldness, so go for whichever suits you best and enjoy the results.