5 life hacks to keep your marriage alive and healthy

married couple

Has your marriage started being stale and boring and you’re looking for a couple of tips to spice things up a little bit? Here are a few interesting life hacks to save your relationship from drowning.

After the newlywed bliss eventually fades out, many couples end up feeling unsatisfied as their marriage starts looking like a scripted routine. Recent surveys found that more than two-thirds of adults interviewed admitted there’s plenty of room to improve their married life… but they simply never took the time to care about it. Since you definitely don’t want to be among those uncaring adults, here are a few helpful tricks that can help you liven up your love life.

  1. Cooking together

Few things are more annoying than spending a huge amount of time cooking a meal only to watch your partner eat it without any enthusiasm as he or she boringly watches TV. What if, instead, you two try to share some quality time in the kitchen by pulling out the recipe book?

Science already pointed out that food and pleasant aromas can positively stimulate our sexual drive by acting on the olfactory system. As we enjoy the pleasant smell of cooked food, we start desiring it, and eventually, this leads to the stimulation of other more enjoyable sensations. But cooking together goes well beyond that. Making a meal together will let you share a project together in a tight environment (the kitchen), and force you to work toe-to-toe. This, in turn, will help you both understand each other a little better, cooperate towards a shared goal, and eventually enjoy the tasty product of your joined effort.

  1. Plan a weekend trip together

Taking some time to enjoy a vacation is a great occasion to have fun and spend some quality time together. Although a trip it’s a great way to relax and sort things out, try to focus on the planning part rather than on the holiday alone. Scheduling a weekend getaway together will bring back those fond memories when you had to plan your wedding, or when you planned your lives together as newlyweds. It’s a great way to keep still looking forward to all the joy you still have to share, improve your communication, and take your mind off of daily responsibilities for a little while.

  1. Spice things up in the bedroom

Nothing is more effective to regain some of that honeymoon happiness than improving your bedroom life. Being intimate with your partner is, without a doubt, one of the best (and probably simplest) ways to ensure the health and well-being of your relationship. However, quality is as much important as quantity. When was it the last time you tried something… new with your other half? Nothing kills arousal more than routine and repetition. Try spending some intimate time with your wife or husband in a different place, for example, like the stairs, the sofa, the shower or (why not?) the kitchen. Just let your curiosity roam free, and the embarrassment will fade out in no more than just a couple of seconds.

  1. Take your time to take care of yourself

Never underestimate the detrimental effect that looking unkempt may have on your partner, and your self-esteem as well. Stop wearing those silly pajamas all day long, and leave the sweaty clothes you wore at the gym outside your bedroom. Take some time to dress up properly, put on some makeup (if you’re a woman), nicely trim your beard (if you’re a man), give time for hair color from the salon, or try a fancy new haircut. You can click this site for amazing hair color. The more you like the way you look, the sexier and more confident you will feel, and you can stay assured that your partner will appreciate that a lot. Dressing up for each other can go a surprisingly long way to making… undressing so much more satisfying!

  1. Seek the help of a couple therapist

Sometimes, you must seek professional help to solve your issues. Struggling with your marriage for too much time may cause you to start suffering from serious mental problems. A failed marriage may affect your entire life: we face so many challenges every day already, and knowing that our relationship isn’t a safe harbor anymore may have a tremendously negative impact on your mental health. Anxiety and depression are just some of the mental conditions you may develop. Seeking the help of a psychologist or marriage counselor may be what you need to get through this rough patch and get healthy again.

Although it is somewhat normal to experience a slow decline from the initial passion, that doesn’t mean that romance and affection are eventually doomed to die in the long run. Just keep caring about your spouse’s needs and opinions, and never give up on your marriage. It’s going to be worth all the effort!