6 Negative Consequences of Vaping: What You Need to Know

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Vaping is something that’s very common today, much more than smoking. When vapes were first released, they were lauded as healthy alternatives to cigarettes. However, that has turned out not to be the case. In fact, many would argue that vapes are actually worse for people than cigarettes.

Unfortunately, many young people have been sold the lie that vaping is good for them. This article will tell you about six negative consequences of vaping that will hopefully convince vapers to quit.

School Vaping

It’s very common for young people to take up vaping, mainly because of the fact that vapes are indirectly advertised to teenagers. While nobody explicitly says teenagers should vape (and in fact, it’s actually illegal for them to do so) vape distributors still produce vapes in bright colours, and sweet flavours, and make them look very cool. Because so many young people vape, they tend to take their vapes to school. Schools have had to begin using school vape alarms to stop their students from vaping. With so many students vaping, vaping spreads like wildfire (as in more and more young people take it up). Introducing alarm systems is the most effective way of deterring vaping at school and saving students’ lives. Vaping can cause lots of different diseases and can be the catalyst for the development of cancers. Rooting out vaping at school is one of the best ways of stopping young people from taking it up altogether.

Disease Development

As mentioned in the previous section, vaping can be the catalyst for the manifestation of diseases like cancer. Young people should not be exposed to chemicals that can cause diseases. Various studies have shown that while vaping is not as bad as smoking cigarettes, it is still very bad for people’s health. Sadly, vaping is often advertised as being a healthy alternative to vapes, but this is not true. While it is indeed less harmful, there is nothing healthy about it. The chemicals present in vape juice are toxic.

Getting Addicted

Vaping is just as addictive as smoking. Most of the people who get addicted to vaping get addicted because they use nicotine capsules. The act of vaping can be addictive too, though. Many young people who vape unknowingly vape nicotine-filled capsules, because it’s all that they can buy. Very few vape distributors sell nicotine-free capsules because nobody really wants to buy them. It’s also very common for young people to consume Cannabis capsules. Vape capsules that contain Cannabis have become very popular in recent years. The addictiveness of vape capsules can then lead to young people taking up cigarette smoking (or the consumption of drugs).

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Additional Substances

If young people are exposed to vape capsules that contain Cannabis, then they could end up getting hooked. It’s well known that Cannabis is a gateway drug. If young people end up getting hooked on Cannabis vape capsules, then there is a strong chance in the future that they will end up with a Cannabis addiction, or that they could move onto harder drugs. Many people who’re addicted to hard drugs started out with weed. Before, people smoked it. Now though, vaping is one of the most popular ways of consuming it.

Wasting Money

Vaping is not cheap. Young people very rarely have money as it is. Instead, they have to borrow it from their parents or work low-paying jobs to earn it. Young people should be saving their money, so they have money to enjoy when they are in university, or so they can buy their first car. Because so many young people are hooked on vaping, however, much of their money goes almost exclusively on it. Vaping is not a cheap hobby. In fact, it is downright extortionate. Vape pens can cost a fortune. For young people who’re already usually short on cash, vaping can suck up all of their money.

Spreading Vaping

Finally, and as mentioned earlier, when young people vape, they spread it to their friends. The same is also true with smoking. These trends catch on among young people and tend to spread. Now vaping is perceived as cool, it’s hard to stop young people from turning to it in order to look cool themselves. However, there is nothing cool about consuming toxic substances that have the power to cause disease and illness. It is important for both parents and schools to act,  in order to root out the act of vaping among young people today.


Vaping is, unfortunately, highly popular among school-age teenagers. If you are a parent (or the headmaster of a school) then action needs to be taken. Schools can prevent vaping by adding vape alarms, and parents can teach their children about the harms of vaping.