Can CBD Cigarettes Help To Quit Smoking?

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Life throws challenges at us. Most people look for constructive methods to handle such issues, many turn to bad habits such as smoking. Apart from getting stress relief, tobacco in cigarettes can offer pleasure or use in social situations. But, nicotine in cigarettes can lead to several health problems. It impacts several parts of the body and causes addiction. To overcome addiction, people are looking into methods. Among them, the use of CBD products such as CBD cigarettes has become popular. Many claim the product has helped them beat nicotine addiction. Can such products help you quit smoking? Read ahead to know more.

About CBD Cigarettes

Before going into the effectiveness of using CBD cigarettes to quit smoking, you need to know about the product. As the name suggests, cigarettes contain CBD instead of tobacco. Also known as hemp cigarettes, they have hemp. Hemp is rich in CBD with little or no THC (the psychoactive compound present in cannabis). It means you may get the benefits of CBD without getting stoned. Trusted CBD cigarettes are free from nicotine, making them an option worth considering. In the article labeled Best Blunt Wrappers of 2022 by they provide a guide of what the best blunt wraps are available and the different types of blunt wraps.

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CBD or cannabidiol may offer several benefits to people using it. According to studies, CBD can offer the following:

To determine the efficacy of CBD, scientists need to conduct more studies. But, the results of preliminary studies show promise. Many researchers believe oral CBD products such as CBD gummies, cigarettes, or other products may help people overcome their smoking habits. Let’s see how.

How CBD May Help Quit Smoking?

Among the different options to intake CBD, inhaling it may ensure faster absorption of the molecules. Hence, it may deliver it faster into the bloodstream and can offer faster results. Scientists believe inhaling CBD can start interacting with the endocannabinoid system within one to three minutes of inhalation. Smoking CBD may have better bioavailability (around 34% to 46%) than taking tinctures, capsules, or others. It may help overcome the urge to smoke nicotine cigarettes with the following functions:

CBD May Neutralize Cigarette Cues

Smokers find it difficult to quit smoking due to cigarette cues. It means the person may feel the urge to smoke when they try to quit smoking. It can pop up every time they would have smoked or see someone else smoking. According to a study conducted in 2018, CBD may help beat nicotine dependency by lowering cigarette cues. The study published in Addiction indicates that CBD may reduce salience and pleasantness triggered by cigarette cues by neutralising smokers’ responses. The study also suggests CBD’s potential effectiveness in lower systolic blood pressure levels.

CBD Can Reduce Nicotine Cravings

Tobacco contains nicotine, which can lead to dependency. Nicotine is an addictive substance triggering powerful cravings. Due to such urges, it becomes difficult for smokers to quit smoking. Some studies indicate the potential effectiveness of inhaling CBD to reduce cravings. 

A study conducted in 2013 gives hope to smokers who are trying to stop the intake of nicotine. Scientists believe the results from the study give hope of using CBD as a possible treatment for people suffering from nicotine addiction. Studies suggest that CBD can help lower nicotine cravings by acting on CB1 endocannabinoid system receptors in your brain. CBD may impact the ECS as a weak agonist by inhibiting FAAH enzymes. They may indirectly lower the boosting properties of nicotine. Hence, smokers can see a reduction in their cigarette intake.

CBD May Help Fight Addiction

According to studies, CBD may aid in lowering general addiction symptoms. Various studies point that CBD may reduce specific drug-seeking behavior. The use of this cannabinoid may also reduce impulsive behavior shown by addicts. Studies also suggest the potential effectiveness of CBD in lowering stress and anxiety, the common risk factors linked to addiction relapse.

A Word Of Caution

The studies on the effects of using CBD to quit smoking remain at a preliminary stage. So, researchers do not have concrete evidence to indicate the effectiveness of CBD in helping a smoker quit cigarettes. Hence, experts recommended using CBD cigarettes in place of nicotine cigarettes alone to overcome the habit. Consult your doctor to design an action plan that will help you quit smoking. You can include CBD cigarettes as a part of the action plan.

According to medical experts, having a solid quit-smoking action plan may improve your chances of overcoming smoking for good. Such a plan can make you mentally prepared to handle cravings and help you meet the expectations you set for yourself. The action plan will also motivate you to reach the goal. It ensures you have a reliable support system preventing you from straying from the goal. Hence, consult an expert to create a quit plan that may prepare you to meet the challenges and obstacles to quitting smoking.


Preliminary research conducted on the effectiveness of CBD in helping people quit smoking has shown positive results. Anecdotal evidence provided by smokers also suggests CBD may help quit smoking. Since quitting tobacco seems complex, CBD products to attain the goal offer hope to many. But, never substitute it for actual treatment suggested by doctors to quit the bad habit. People who have used traditional tools to quit smoking and suffered unpleasant side effects can try including CBD in their action plan to get results. CBD seems like an ideal alternative to overcome nicotine addiction and live a healthy life.