5 Quick Tips for Quitting Smoking


The journey to quitting smoking may not be an easy one, but you’ve already made the important decision to want to try. Naturally, there are many benefits to quitting smoking, so this is a crucial decision that will impact your health in the long run.

It’s essential when quitting smoking to take it one day at a time and try to avoid putting too much pressure on yourself, as stress can only lead to increased cravings.

To help, here are 5 tips if you’ve decided to quit smoking.

Set a Date

Simply thinking that you’re going to quit may see you avoiding it for a long time. It may be a neverending cycle of this is my last one and then having another after a demanding day.

Setting a day and time for your quitting journey can help you to know when your last cigarette will be and help you to focus on your objectives and a specific time frame.

Try for Small Goals

The idea of quitting smoking altogether can be a very overwhelming prospect. If the idea of having the last cigarette is too much for you, try to take it one step at a time. This could be cutting down your daily cigarettes by 50% or buying half as many packs a week as you usually do. Week by week, you could aim to continue to cut this down until it falls to zero and then take it from there.

Switch to Vaping

Quitting cold turkey can have a host of unpleasant withdrawal symptoms, such as headaches and nausea. Switching to e-cigarettes can not only help the process but also provide an alternative to traditional cigarettes going forward. Vaping can help you avoid those withdrawal symptoms while concentrating on your quitting journey from traditional tobacco cigarettes.

When switching to vaping, you should always seek out dependable suppliers like Shisha Vibe so that you can trust all supplies and equipment is professional-quality.

Talk Openly About It

Trying to endure a personal journey with quitting and trying not to think about it will only make it more challenging to cope with. Be honest with your family and friends about what you’re doing, and that you’re attempting to quit. Talk openly about it, so that others can understand — especially if you are experiencing any negative symptoms and need to explain to others that it’s because of your quitting journey.

The support of those around you will help you during this time, too.

Keep Yourself Busy

You don’t want to endure long periods where you’re doing nothing, and your mind is wandering to those cigarettes. It’s essential to take up an activity or hobby during this quitting journey, which will keep you occupied. A fitness routine is a great one, as it will be the perfect outlet for stress and adrenaline, and also provide a fix in a different form. As quitting smoking is also a health journey, it makes sense to pick up other healthy habits along the way.