6 Tips to Help You Get a More Restful Slumber


No one loves turning and tossing at night as it makes you sleepy and grumpy the next morning. Instead, a good night’s sleep is what everybody hopes to get. So, if you have restless nights and changing sleep patterns, it is important to seek alternative options or tips and tricks that will help you get a good night’s sleep. Although you can have trouble sleeping from time to time, it should not be daily. In the long run, not only will it affect your sleep, but it has a lot of negative effects on your health. Also, the drugs you are taking to help you sleep can list insomnia among their side effects. Therefore, it is important to find simple tips that are known to help you get more restful slumber like those in this article below.

Keep your room comfortable

To be comfortable in your bedroom. Keep out distractions and other things that make it uncomfortable for you. This does not mean just television sets and other electronic devices like laptops and phones. The ambiance of the room affects sleep quality too. So ensure that you have a comfortable sleep number mattress and pillows. Also, the room furniture should be calming and comfortable to relax on. All these things will help to promote sleep onset and help you to get a more restful slumber.

Avoid caffeine and alcohol 

It is not wrong to have a snack before bed. But what is the snack that you choose to have? Chocolate and wine are not good choices. Since chocolate has caffeine and wine has alcohol, and they are a stimulant. Yet, these two are a favorite for many people, and they even have it in high consumptions. However, they disrupt your sleep at night as they are stimulants, and people think it helps you sleep faster, yet they affect the quality of sleep that you get. Other things that you can avoid are spicy and acidic foods as they will give you heartburn. For more information on how to overcome heartburn, check out Refluxgate

Follow a strict sleep routine

Many parents who know the power of a sleep routine, teach their children at a young age. They read bedtime stories to their children every night at a specific time to lull them to sleep. If this was a routine as you grew up, start it again in your adult years, and instead of bedtime stories have a calming activity to do before bed to be part of your routine such as warm milk, calming music, or take a warm bath. Start this routine, and with consistency, it will help you get a more restful slumber as your body is in tune with the routine. 



Exercise is important not only when you have a weight loss goal, but it will help you sleep better at night. When you exercise, you boost the effects of natural sleep hormones like melatonin. Importantly, watch your workout timings as it is not advisable to exercise too close to your bedtime as it can be stimulating. So, if you can opt for a morning workout. In this way, you expose yourself to daylight in the morning to also help with the natural circadian rhythm.


Did you know that stress is a stimulus that affects sleep? Therefore, it is important to de-stress and forget the daytime worries that always surface at night affecting your sleep quality and how fast you sleep. Also, there are some types of relaxation responses that you can use to promote restful slumber. Plus, it will help you to reduce any daytime anxiety. Some that you can try are deep breathing exercises, meditation, and also yoga is as useful. 

Go for a checkup 

Sometimes the reason you are not sleeping fast is because of symptoms from any of the common sleep disrupters. Either it is sleep apnea, restless leg syndrome, or GERD. So, if you snore at night, have an urge to move your legs, pain in the throat, or chest. It is best to go for a checkup. In this way, your doctor will evaluate you, and you will get tips to sleep fast and better at night that will come in handy.