Why is Cosmetic Dentistry Becoming More Popular?

Whiten Teeth

In spite of various campaigns to end body shaming and accept the form you are born with, cosmetic dentistry, medical spas, and plastic surgery are more popular than ever. As technology has improved, dentists and hygienists have become more skilled and some of the procedures are more affordable or able to be financed.

Many people get cosmetic dentistry for many dental reasons. A straight white smile can make a person look younger and give others the impression that you are friendly, hygienic, and trustworthy.

If you are considering cosmetic dentistry, you should find a dentist who has plenty of training and experience in the procedure that you are having. If it is a fairly new procedure, ask the dentist if they are certified in it and what kind of training they underwent.

Improvements in Cosmetic Dentistry Products

There are several popular forms of cosmetic dentistry that have seen improvements over the years. And if you need a recommendation for a good dentist, consider this cosmetic dentist catoosa.


Veneers are thin shells that cover the teeth. Their early predecessors were called caps and they were often used by models and actors. They can improve the appearance of the teeth as they are sparkling white and can cover chips and cracks. Recent technology has improved the appearance of veneers and the way that they feel.

There are several different types of ceramics used in veneers. Stacked ceramic is very customizable and can be fitted perfectly to your teeth. Pressed ceramic, on the other hand,  is strong and great for people who grind their teeth.

Tooth Whitening

People have been whitening there teeth since ancient times and ancient Romans even used urine to get the job done.

Tooth whitening as we know it began in the ’80s with the invention of peroxide filled trays. Dentists had treated various oral maladies with peroxide for many years and eventually realized that it needed to stay on the gums for a long time to be effective. They discovered that if they left peroxide on the teeth for a long period of time the teeth became whiter.

Unfortunately, products like whitening strips can hurt your gums and leave you with two different colors of teeth. A dentist can evaluate your mouth and tell you if tooth whitening is safe. They will also use special equipment to whiten each tooth one at a time to give you a brilliant smile that is very even in color.

In-lays and On-lays

These small pieces of artificial teeth are made to cover a tooth when a cavity has been removed. Dentists used to use metal fillings to accomplish this and they did not last very long. When a person would eat or drink something hot, the metal would expand and become damaged. In-lays and on-lays look better and can last up to 30 years.

Training for Dentists

As cosmetic dentistry products and technology have improved, so has training for dentists. Many companies who manufacture veneers, braces and other cosmetic dentistry products offer their own training and certification programs.


Demand for a product can make it more affordable and dentistry is no exception. Technology has made cosmetic procedures faster and less painful. Many procedures are less expensive than they were previously.

Marylyn Monroe once said, “A smile is the best makeup any girl can wear.” Cosmetic dentistry can help you wear that smile with pride.