5 Healthy Supplements To Improve Your Fitness


Working out alone can be enough to achieve the level of fitness that you want, but working out with supplements can help you boost your workout experience. It is why other individuals turn to supplements to speed up their weight loss and muscle gain and achieve their goals fast. But that much is not enough until or unless you do not have the right guidance about the quantity and quality of supplements you consume. For this, you should consider, Team Atlas as your first priority who has professionals to guide you.

If you are looking for a way to boost your fitness quickly, here are the top five healthiest supplements you can use and enjoy. 

Green Powders

One of the healthiest supplement choices is a green powder. It is a nutritional supplement that has become a trendy option for individuals who want to meet their daily vitamin and mineral requirements. 

Green powder’s nutrient combination is designed to enhance your body’s immune system and increase energy for your workout while also providing the nutritional needs of a healthy diet.

When buying green powders, you must look for ingredients like dark, leafy greens, other fruits or vegetables, and sea vegetables. This way, you can ensure that you will get the optimal benefits of the supplement.

Fish Oil

Fish oil has increased in popularity because of the omega-3 fatty acid that it consists of. The omega-3 fatty acid can be found in food such as fish and flaxseed. However, many have been using fish oil supplements to fill in the gap in their nutritional needs, as they might not have access to fish. 

Generally, taking fish oil can help establish and maintain a healthy body. Omega-3 in fish oils is vital to the structure of every cell wall in your body. 

Moreover, consuming fish oil will ensure that your heart, lungs, immune system, and blood vessels are working properly. Thus, it would help if you consume fish oil and other health supplements, plus eat healthy food. 

BCAAs or Branched Chain Amino Acids

BCAA or Branched Chain Amino Acids is an excellent and effective supplement that many individuals are taking, especially those doing challenging workout routines. BCAAs are known to help in increasing your muscle growth by stimulating muscle protein synthesis. 

This amino acid is burned by your muscles for energy. It is why having more will help your muscles burn more, which in return transforms into energy that you can use to complete intense workout routines. 

One study reveals that individuals who drink at least 5.6 grams of BCAAs after a resistance workout manifest an increase of muscle protein synthesis at around 22% than those who are consuming a placebo protein shake with a similar amount of supposed to be BCAAs. 

Consuming BCAAs is highly advised if you are looking for a healthy supplement that will help you increase your muscle mass.

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Fourth on our list comes creatine. Creatine is an amino acid found primarily in your muscle and brain. Most people acquire this amino acid from red meat and seafood, but there are individuals who cannot eat enough of these types of food. It is why they turn to supplements to ensure that they acquire the creatine they need. 

Moreover, the liver, pancreas, and kidneys can produce about 1 gram of creatine per day. Yet, you will still not get enough creatine your body will need. It is why creatine supplements are made available to provide people with enough creatine their body needs.

Consuming creatine supplements will assist muscle cells in producing more energy and support a variety of other muscle functions.

Additionally, it can also help you improve your performance in high-intensity workouts. Some people consume creatine to help them manage their Parkinson’s disease as it prevents their dopamine levels from dropping, which is the cause of Parkinson’s disease.

Vitamin D

We grow up knowing that Vitamin D is the vitamin we can get from the sun. Well, it still does. It is why you should spend some time outside enjoying the heat of the sun, especially during the morning. 

It can also be found in the dairy products you consume. However, if you want to get enough Vitamin D, can’t access the sun, or could not consume dairy products, your best bet is to drink a supplement. 

Vitamin D is vital in maintaining a healthy body and fitness. It aids in the regulation of calcium and phosphate levels in the body. These nutrients are required to maintain the health of bones, teeth, and muscles. 

You must include Vitamin D in your daily routine to optimize your health and fitness. Adults are required to take at least 400 IU of Vitamin D daily. However, if you are getting little to no exposure to the sun, you may need more than the mentioned amount. 

Start Taking These Healthy Supplements 

Supplements are very helpful in assisting us in achieving the daily nutritional needs that we could not get by eating food alone. 

If you want to be fit and healthy and are looking for a way to acquire enough healthy vitamins and minerals plus aids you in achieving the physique you want, start taking these mentioned supplements and see the results.