Slip & Fall Mishaps- How Dangerous The Injuries Can Be

work injury accident

Slip and fall mishaps are common at business premises, and both employees and visitors are at risk. Hazards like spills, uneven flooring, loose mats, clutter on the walkways, electric cords, poor lighting, and broken stairways abound inside business spaces. Likewise, such accidents may also occur in parking lots and driveways due to a lack of maintenance. Most incidents occur due to the negligence of the business owner. 

It is easy to believe that the implications of a slip and fall mishap will be less dangerous than a car crash or machinery-related accident. But the truth is that you may sustain a life-changing injury that could cost thousands in terms of medical treatment and lost wages. Even worse, it may lead to a life-changing disability. Here are the most dangerous injuries possibly caused by slip and fall accidents. 

Spinal cord damage 

A fall may result in a vertebra fracture that could leave you paralyzed for a lifetime. You may lose your mobility and have to spend the rest of your life in a wheelchair. A less severe form of spinal injury is slipped discs. The condition may require surgery followed by extended bed rest. It also entails ongoing neck and back pain that affects your ability to work and quality of life in the long run. 

Traumatic brain injury 

Traumatic brain injuries are another severe form outcome of fall mishaps. You could sustain the injury by hitting the ground head first. The impact affects your brain, and it may even fracture your skull. Recovery from traumatic brain injuries may never happen for some unfortunate victims. They require lifelong medical treatment, therapy, and rehab. The worst part is that they become dependent on others even for the tasks of daily life. 

Broken hip or other fractures

Fractures are another dire outcome of fall mishaps. Broken hips are common in the elderly because bones turn fragile due to age. Additionally, leg, ankle, and wrist fractures are other fracture risks in such accidents. Expert slip, trip and fall injury solicitors recommend preserving the X-rays and treatment records so that victims can validate the facts during personal injury claims. Fractures leave you bedridden, so you deserve compensation for your suffering, medical costs, and lost wage. 

Shoulder and knee injuries 

Shoulder and knee areas are other body parts susceptible to severe injuries after a fall. If you land on your shoulder, there are chances of dislocating it or breaking your collarbone. The risk of breaking the kneecaps and tearing the ligaments and tendons in the knee area runs high if you land hard on your knees. These injuries are painful and have an extended healing process. You may end up missing out on work and wages for months during recovery. 

Soft tissue damage 

Soft tissue damage is a seemingly less severe injury, but its implications can be dire. The damage is not always visible, but it can cause chronic pain that affects your mobility. The problem often gets worse because victims overlook it. You must get a timely diagnosis and treatment for soft tissue damage. Also, maintain the medical records to claim compensation for the injury..

Slip and fall accidents can be as dangerous as car and truck mishaps. Victims should pay due attention to their injuries, get medical treatment, and seek compensation without fail.