How To Keep Your Knees Healthy

knee injury woman

Knee pain is a very common but difficult problem. It can be a major nuisance and in some cases can even debilitate someone. It is a result of the normal wear and tears that are experienced from our daily activities like walking, running, standing, and lifting. As we age, injury or repeated stress inevitably leads to knee joint pain. This also makes being active and enjoying life quite strenuous. The following tips can help you in keeping your knees healthy and protecting them.

Keep A Healthy Weight

Excess pounds result in excess pressure on the knees. This is why being overweight causes the knees to wear out. Each extra pound contributes four more pounds of force to the knee joints. Simple activities like walking and running can cause increased pressure on the knee joint when you are overweight. Similarly, when you lose weight the pressure on your knees is also lessened. Hence, keeping and maintaining a healthy weight is crucial for the knee’s health.

Knee Surgery By A Professional

If your knee has some structural damage, surgery becomes necessary. A wide range of knee problems can be treated by keyhole surgeries. Knee replacement operations performed by surgeons can also help with knee pain. In this operation, the damaged parts of the knee joint are replaced with new plastic or metal parts. After the knee surgery at Nano Clinic, the surgeon also helps the patient with post surgery pain management. The replacement surgery is effective for lifetime and you can live your life without any restrictions. The medical professionals are with the patient until the pain is not treated fully. After surgery doctors may prescribe certain medications and exercise.  

This procedure is very effective in reducing knee pain. An expert orthopedic surgeon can help you throughout the process and make the rest of your life easy and smooth going.


Exercising and staying active is one of the chief ways of keeping your knees healthy and protected. Low-impact exercises such as pilates, yoga, cycling, Tai chi, etc. are easier on the joints and are recommended for people with joint pain. If you want to keep your joints healthy for a long time, strengthening exercises that help in building muscles are a must. Strength training focused on the thigh and upper leg, hips, calf, and core can help in supporting your joints and relieving some of the pressure from the knees.

Ligaments support the knee joint and keeping the ligaments loose and flexible prevents tears. Stretching can help in keeping the muscles and ligaments surrounding the knee joint in optimum flexible condition. Stretching also improves the range of motion of the knees which can become stiff with age. After knee injuries or surgeries, stretching is used for recovery.


Aches and pains become the norm for an aging body. However, following the above-mentioned steps will help in maintaining a healthy knee which can delay or reduce joint pain. While common pain and injury can be treated at home when symptoms progress to inability to walk, intense pain, or inflammation a visit to the doctors for a proper diagnosis and treatment options becomes necessary. Make sure to adapt healthier changes for the long-term health of your knee.