3 Tips to Prepare Yourself Before LASIK Surgery – What You Need to Do Before

Laser eye surgery has revolutionized the way people with low vision see the world. With just one quick procedure, you could go from seeing the world through glasses or contacts to seeing it without any help at all. It’s natural to be nervous about having something like laser eye surgery done on your eyes, but the risks are very low, and the reward is worth it!

Choosing to undergo a laser eye surgery procedure can be a big decision! With the increasing number of people choosing LASIK surgery, you might be considering it too. But did you know that there are a few things you should do before going under the laser? This article looks at what you need to prepare yourself before undergoing LASIK surgery — from preparation to what to expect from your doctor.

What information should you get from the doctor before undergoing LASIK surgery?

Before undergoing the procedure, optometrists often ask their patients about their lifestyles and habits. The doctor will also provide you with the necessary information that will allow you to take the necessary steps before the procedure. The following are some of the questions that you should ask your doctor: 

  1. What is the success rate and the failure rate of the procedure? The success rate of the procedure is the percentage of patients who have been able to see properly. The failure rate of the procedure is the percentage of patients who have been unable to see properly. 
  2. What are the side effects you may experience after the surgery? Following the surgery, you may experience halos, glare, or double vision. Your vision may also be blurry. Moreover, you may also experience dry eyes, sensitivity to light, headaches, and eye infections. 
  3. How many times have you done the procedure? The more the doctor has done the procedure, the better your chances of having a successful outcome. 
  4. What kind of training have you had to perform the procedure? The more training a doctor has, the better the outcome.

There are many things to consider before undergoing LASIK surgery. It is not just a simple matter of getting the surgery done. It would help if you look into the best doctors like those at NewVision Clinics and get the best quality eye surgery possible. If you are planning on having Lasik eye surgery, the first thing that the doctor will ask you is if you suffer from any allergies. You may also be asked if you have had any surgeries in the past. The doctor will want to know this to make sure that there are no complications.

What should you expect from your doctor before your procedure?

A lot of patients who are getting LASIK surgery are often confused about what to expect from the doctor and the procedure. This is why we have compiled the five things you should expect before your procedure: 

  • Your doctor should explain the procedure to you and answer any questions you may have. 
  • Your doctor should do a thorough eye exam and discuss any problems or concerns that may come up with you. 
  • You should be prepared with the necessary information and documentation that you need on the day of your procedure. 
  • You should be given a chance to try on your glasses and contacts one last time on the day of your procedure. 
  • You should be comfortable with the doctor you are going to.

Have realistic expectations about what to expect after LASIK surgery

The procedure is a “laser-eye” surgery that can be great to help you see better and improve your vision without needing to use your glasses or contact lenses. But what can you expect after LASIK surgery? How long will it take before you can go back to work? Get questions like these answered and do your research so that you can have a realistic image of the post-surgery situation.

The procedure has many benefits, but it should not be taken lightly. Since it is elective surgery, it is very important that you do your research and ask yourself what you can realistically expect. Many people are afraid to ask these questions because they think the answers will take the fun out of the surgery. But the truth is, knowing what to expect is part of the fun. It’s even more fun when you know what to expect because you’ve done your research! Don’t be afraid to ask these questions to your doctor.


Laser eye surgery is a great way to eliminate the need for glasses or contacts, but it’s important to do your research and understand what you’re getting into.