Championing the Vulnerable: What to Look for in a Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

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It is devastating to know long-term care facilities, places where older adults seek compassionate care, can be centers of abuse. As reported by the National Institute of Health, the rate of abuse in nursing homes is higher compared to other places. Types of abuse experienced in these institutions include physical abuse, sexual abuse, financial exploitation, neglect, and psychological abuse. The question is, what should you do if you or someone you love face abuse in a nursing home? One of the most critical steps to take if you suspect nursing home abuse is to hire a lawyer. 

Why? A legal professional will help you seek justice for the victim and protect the rights of other residents. With that in mind, focus on finding the right attorney to take on your nursing home abuse care. This post discusses what to look for in a nursing home abuse lawyer. 

Experience Relevant to Your Case

Do you know there can be a tremendous difference between nursing home abuse cases? Several aspects make each nursing home abuse case unique. For instance, the type of abuse committed, injuries sustained, and evidence needed will determine how the lawyer conducts investigations and handles the negotiation process. For this reason, you need a legal representative who has dealt with similar cases. 

How do you know an attorney has experience working with clients with a claim like yours? Ask how many of those cases they have handled and the success rate. Remember, you are looking for a lawyer with specialized experience in your case. So, they should have a higher success rate and provide detailed information on how they approach each case. 

Outstanding Reputation

It is easy to hire a legal professional based on what they tell you regarding their success rate. But avoid falling for what they say. Search for other people’s testimonials. You could ask the potential lawyer to share contact information with clients they have worked with before. Call a few of those clients to learn about their experience with the lawyer. Or read reviews online. The purpose of reading reviews is to know if the lawyer is transparent. 

Do they provide individualized counsel and exceptional services tailored to your specific needs? If so, they will receive positive feedback from those they have represented before. Further, their peers will have a lot of respect for them. You can also check the organizations your lawyer is a member of and the awards they have won to determine their credibility.  


You are looking for a lawyer to get legal guidance. And you need someone who can explain all the legal terms clearly. A lawyer who communicates effectively can help you navigate the complexities of nursing home abuse cases effortlessly. Therefore, search for someone who listens to you and provides all the answers you seek. They should also update you about the case progress and be available when needed throughout the process. 

Aside from listening to your concerns and providing answers, can your lawyer handle communications with the parties involved? Cohen, Feeley, Altemose & Rambo lawyers say it can be stressful communicating with insurance companies and other parties liable for abuse in a long-term care facility. But a lawyer can make a difference by managing negotiations on your behalf. Think of it this way: an attorney with your best interest will fight for fair compensation and justice for you, your loved ones, and other residents.  

Is the Lawyer Resourceful? 

Does your preferred lawyer possess the resources required to win a nursing home abuse claim? Do they know how to prove nursing home abuse for a loved one? Asking such questions can help determine if the attorney has a team of experts who will investigate your claim and collect evidence. For example, your lawyer should work with private investigators investigating the long-term care facility and individual caregivers. 

They will look for signs of abuse in the nursing home. You are probably wondering what are some signs someone is facing abuse while in an assisted living care facility. The Business Insider reports nursing home abuse signs can be unexplained weight loss and bruises, depression, cuts, burns, and bedsores. Your attorney should also collaborate with medical experts to evaluate medical records that prove abuse is the direct cause of your injuries, emotional stress, and financial loss. 


When you choose to sue a nursing home for abusing an older adult, you need a lawyer with exceptional litigation skills. But that is not all. The legal expert should have an outstanding reputation among peers and clients. They should also possess excellent communication skills and compassion. 

Having a lawyer with all these qualities is essential. True, you want someone aggressive towards the abuser but also shows empathy or compassion to you and the victim. An attorney with good communication skills paired with experience can help you navigate the challenges of fighting for justice and compensation for nursing home abuse. 

Article edited and fact checked by our editorial team.