Why Prescription Sunglasses Are Important for Your Eye Health

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Most people associate sunglasses with fashion and not with eye health. You may be aware of the purpose of sunglasses but may not understand why it’s crucial to wear them whenever you go out. 

Naturally, most people don’t think of their eyes when stepping out. This is true, especially for people with no light sensitivity issues. So, protecting their eyes from harmful UV rays is not their top priority. 

But since many people are aware of the risks of skin cancer, they use sunscreen for protection. So you need to understand the same UV rays have a detrimental effect on your eyes. You stand a chance of getting macular degeneration, cataracts, and pterygium when you experience sunburn on your eyes. Therefore, it’s significant to protect your eyes from the sun whenever you’re out. 

You’ll need to protect your eyes and the skin around the eyes from UV rays. Remember that the skin around your eyes is more susceptible to skin cancer. 

Ensure you wear sunglasses when exposed to blue light and UV rays. According to the American Optometric Association, sunglasses should block 99% of UVB and UVA light rays. Most online sunglasses do not meet the standards of eyewear protection. When you buy these sunglasses, you’ll still expose your eyes to harmful UV rays. 

Let’s explore the advantages of wearing prescription sunglasses:

Prevents Your Eyes From Getting Cataracts and Other Eye Diseases

Cataracts start developing when the proteins that form the eye’s lens start degrading and clumping together. Long-term exposure to the sun’s UV rays can accelerate it as much ofcataracts occur gradually over time. The thick and foggy substances prevent light from entering through the lens. 

Use prescription sunglasses to prevent the UV rays that cause cataracts from penetrating your eyes. Sunglasses with UV protection helps to lower your risk of developing cataracts in your old age. 

Besides cataracts, direct exposure to sunlight has other detrimental effects on your eyes. Exposure to the sun rays has several other short-term effects, including photokeratitis, acute inflammation of eye components, etc. 

Also, you’re susceptible to long-term conditions like pterygium and squamous cell cancer of the eye. Surgery is the only mode of treatment for these conditions. 

Additionally, macular degeneration may occur due to long-term exposure to UV rays. Before going out during the summer, ensure your eyes are well protected. 

Therefore, you need to buy prescription sunglasses that can block 99% of UVA and UVB rays. Not all sunglasses with a dark tint can provide UV protection. Ensure you invest in a reliable pair that has UV-blocking technology.

They Help to Protect Your Eyes From Blue Light

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Exposing your eyes to a high amount of energy like sunlight, UV rays, and blue light increases your chances of developing eye diseases. Most people debate whether blue light from digital screens is harmful to the eyes. The truth is that any source of intense blue light can potentially harm the eyes.

About 50% of computer users experience digital strain, also known as computer vision syndrome. The symptoms of digital strain include itchy eyes, blurred vision, and dryness. 

Besides, the blue light may significantly harm your retinas. Regardless of the time spent on blue light, even little exposure may harm your eyes. 

Therefore, prescription sunglasses with the right technology may help to block 94% of blue light. This is essential as it helps to reduce long-term eyesight problems. 

They Help to Reduce Premature Aging Around Your Eyes

Most people relate wrinkles with aging. Studies show that prescription sunglasses can help to delay wrinkles.

It is natural to squint when there’s intense sunlight. However, it causes the delicate skin around your eyes to bunch up. This is one of the reasons why wrinkling and fine lines may occur near this area. 

Prescription sunglasses prevent you from squinting to block the sun’s UV rays. As a result, it will prevent you from crow’s feet, wrinkles, and dark spots. 

Additionally, prescription sunglasses helps you maintain a more youthful appearance while safeguarding your eye’s health. 

However, before buying sunglasses online, ensure the lenses have a UV filter coating. You can choose wraparound sunglasses to protect your facial skin and eyes better. This explains why prescription sunglasses are significant to your overall eye health. 

Prescription Sunglasses Give You a Clear Vision When You’re Out

Squinting to block the bright sunlight may be relaxing, but having blurry vision can be risky. Prescription sunglasses enable you to have the best of both worlds. It provides eye protection with a sharp vision to be safe and functional in your daily life.

For instance, it is unsafe to drive on an open road without a clear vision. You can protect yourself from UV rays and yet experience the sun’s warmth with prescription sunglasses. 

With polarized lenses, you may be confident not to experience unexpected bursts of bright sunlight. The correcting function of prescription sunglasses is essential. It helps you maintain your confidence, even when driving, strolling, or cycling. 

Therefore, prescription sunglasses offer your eyes protection. Consider buying one to keep yourself safe. 

Prescription Sunglasses Can Replace Your Regular EyeGlasses

Most people believe that eyeglasses help to enhance beauty. Besides, others prefer contact lenses. Whatever the reason, contact lenses and prescription eyeglasses have their limitation. They don’t offer the same level of UVA, UVB, or HEV protection. 

Besides, thinking of wearing your sunglasses over your eyeglasses is ridiculous and can be uncomfortable. Doing this may end up harming your lenses. 

Always protect and keep your eyes healthy by investing in a pair of prescription sunglasses. Prescription sunglasses guarantee that you look good while preventing your eyes. Besides, prescription eyeglasses are a good option for people with lenses who sometimes wish for “lenses-free” days. You might think that your lenses are giving you headaches or not feel like wearing your contact lenses on some days. With prescription sunglasses, you can rest your eyes while providing sun protection for your eyes and skin.

Protects Your Eyes From Allergies and Debris

It is natural for human beings to have allergies. Most people who frequently complain about watery eyes blame it on pollen while others believe airborne dust contributes to their breathing problems. 

Most people experience respiratory allergies but some experience allergies that affect their eyes. Dust, debris, and pollen are common contributors to allergies during the summer and spring seasons. 

Therefore, it is essential to leverage prescription sunglasses during these seasons. Some of the common symptoms of allergic reactions include:

  • Watery eyes
  • Itchy eyes
  • Generally uncomfortable eyes

This happens when their eyes come into touch with dust, pollen, or other debris. Sometimes eye reactions to different allergens may quickly become lethal. 

For instance, itchy eyes may have a permanent impact on your eyes. Ensure you use prescription sunglasses to avoid such fatal eventualities. 

Wrapping Up

Regular prescription glasses, contact lenses, or sunglasses may have helped with the extreme sunlight. But chances are you may not have been getting 100% protection from the harmful UV rays. 

So you consider investing in prescription sunglasses to experience the magic they provide.

However, ensure you purchase them from a certified dealer. This guarantees you high-quality sunglasses that can protect you completely.