When to See an Obstetrician


Have you ever wondered when and why you might need to visit a private obstetrician in Australia? Many young females start seeing an obstetrician when they hit puberty and are in their early teens. By starting seeing the obstetrician at such an early age, they know and understand their bodies, including menstrual cycles well as they enter their 20s or reach their 30s. If you have been detecting several abnormalities lately, and you are wondering whether it is time to visit an obstetrician, the solid answer is – Yes! You can go, and you should go, especially when you see any of the following symptoms:

Menstrual Cycle Changes

Many women ignore the initial weeks and even months after they miss out on their periods. If you detect that your menstrual cycle is being delayed or has stopped due to some unseen reasons, it is time to see the obstetrician. However, the delay in your menstrual cycle isn’t the only reason – as a woman, a healthy and regular menstrual cycle indicates a healthy you. If you find certain changes in your menstrual cycle, such as a longer duration, irregularity, and flow changes, you might want to see an obstetrician as soon as you can. While telling your obstetrician about the menstrual changes, be specific and give them the details for a better diagnosis.

Urine Changes

Have you been detecting blood in your urine, or are you experiencing excruciating pain while urinating? It might be a good idea to visit the nearest clinic and see an obstetrician. While it could be something harmless, it is always better to not delay even the smallest matters and have them checked as soon as you can.

Smelly Discharge

All females ought to get familiar with the colors of discharge and what these indicate about one’s health. While a smelly discharge is a typical sign of a vaginal infection, you ought to take it seriously instead of trying to cure the infection at home. Instead of relying on home remedies, see an obstetrician as soon as you can and start the treatment after a clinical diagnosis. Usually, such infections are treated by antibiotics.

Detecting of Lesions

Sometimes a lesion is caused by something as simple as ingrown pubic hair. However, such things cause nothing serious. Nonetheless, it is essential to have things evaluated and have the new sores assessed. The obstetrician will, after proper medical assessment, assess whether the new lesion is indicative of a sexually transmitted disease, such as herpes, or whether it is something else. A new lesion in your sensitive regions is something that should never be ignored and should be taken to the obstetrician clinic without delay.

Sex is Painful

Sex should never be painful. If it is getting painful lately, it is time to see an obstetrician. Females usually feel pain during intercourse due to dryness in their vagina or a vaginal infection. They should consult their doctor for bacterial vaginosis treatment. If their estrogen count is low, it can lead to a decrease in lubrication, which can then lead to painful sex. Low doses of birth-control pills and the duration of breastfeeding can cause low estrogen, which is why you need an obstetrician to solve the underlying issues.