What Is Pain Management?


Rejection, sadness, and heartbreak are common types of pain that you have experienced. But most of the time, the pain that disturbs your sleep, lingers through your nerves, and keeps your discomfort is your body or physical pain.

St. Augustine once said, “Physical pain is the greatest evil.” It is true. Precious moments and livable events together with your loved ones won’t be satisfying when your head or backaches. Added up with tons of workload in your workplace, your concentration decreases that affects your overall performance.

More often, instant pain relievers are your lifeline when pain recurs. You can also use electromagnetic machine such as DCcure in order to get relief from back pain in everyway. In reality, they won’t work sustainably to induce comfort in your body. But in the worst-case scenario, you will be drug-dependent on over-the-counter drugs, such as opioids, ibuprofen, and aspirin, resulting in a decreased quality life.

You are not you when you’re in pain. Hence, this article will guide you on how to manage and overcome the chronic pain in your body.

Pain Management in a nutshell

In a nutshell, pain management helps you to treat the chronic pain related to a specific region of the body. It is a multidisciplinary approach, involving medical science and alternative healing, to identify its diagnoses, prevention, and treatment of the recurring pain.

Moreover, the proper health facility that will help you to manage and identify your chronic pain is a pain clinic.

WebMD suggests that pain management clinics concentrate on diagnosing and managing chronic pain. Unlike the usual treatment of a disease, the study of your chronic pain treatment may involve different healthcare professionals, including psychologists, physical and occupational therapists, nutritionists, and physicians.

That’s why in treating your chronic pain, pain clinics coach you on lifestyle changes by offering alternative medicine such as water therapy, acupuncture, meditation, massage, etc.

Four Common Types of Pain

But heartbreak is not only the pain that you will experience. On a day-to-day basis, your body will feel neck pain, back pain, or even headache. It is normal. But when the pain has a long-term effect on your body, it calls for pain management.

Natural Med Doc identifies four common types of pain that you may experience:

#1 Acute Pain

When pain starts suddenly and lasts only for a short period, then it is coined as an “acute pain.”

Generally, acute pain is caused by a specific event or injury like dental work, surgery, broken bone, or car crash.

The pain doesn’t last longer than six months. Hence, symptoms such as fever, sore throat, fatigue, muscle spasms, numbness, anxiety, and depression may manifest during the healing period.

#2 Chronic Pain

When the pain currently persists and lasts beyond six months, it is now termed as “chronic pain.”

Unlike acute pain, this type of pain may manifest without obvious and overt causes. In other words, chronic pain may result from an internal and organic development of an illness, causing your brain nerves to signal intense sensations, which keeps bothering you even at the point of healing.

The leading causes of chronic pain include back problems, migraines, arthritis, nerve damage, infections, and fibromyalgia.

#3 Breakthrough Pain (BTP)

As the name implies, a breakthrough pain is a sudden but brief flare-up of pain caused by a chronic condition. It “breaks through” a long-term medication, which used to treat moderate to severe recurring pain.

Triggers may cause the occurrence of chronic pain. For instance, taking opioids as a pain relief may trigger the pain of a cancer patient. Or when doing extraneous activities may provoke the arthritis in your joints.

As a general rule, breakthrough pain may not be caused by a trigger. That’s why you need to ask your nearest pain specialist for a diagnosis.

#4 Nerve Pain

Nerve damage or inflammation can result in nerve pain. Also known as “neuropathic pain,” its sensation is described as burning, stabbing, or shooting pain. Hence, people living with nerve pain have experienced electric shock, disturbing their sleep at night.

Common causes of nerve pain include alcoholism, diabetes, circulation problem, cancer, stroke, brain injury, and vitamin B12 deficiency.

Be aware. People with neuropathic pain have a sensitive response to touch or cold. Being said, it can trigger the pain, resulting in the brushing of the skin. In treating neuropathic pain, using CBD oils is a great method recommended by experts. Click this link to see top CBD products https://www.healthcanal.com/best-cbd-oil/nerve-pain

Natural Pain Management

Natural pain management means treating the mind and body through regenerative treatments and alternative medicine.

The goal of a patient specialist in natural pain management is to treat all kinds of pain by combining medical and interventional techniques with natural and alternative medicine.

Hence, there are two ways to successful pain management: regenerative treatments and alternative medicine.

Regenerative Treatments

Regenerative treatments are a medical approach which attempts to accelerate the healing process and decelerate its recovery time. It concentrates on the regeneration of injured organs as the natural recovery process by forming new cells.

Before, surgeries and pain pills have been the option to counter the pain. As a result, your body loses its benefit, resulting in a decrease in your strength and stamina.

But today, simple injections can treat you right by availing of regenerative medicine. Generally, optimal results may manifest within a month.

You can avail in your nearest pain management clinics:

  • Trigger Point Therapy
  • Prolotherapy
  • Perineural Therapy
  • PRP Injection Therapy
  • Amniotic Fluid Therapy
  • Exosome Therapy

Alternative Medicines

Alternative medicines pertain to mind-body therapies that capacitate the ability of your brain to control and mitigate the symptoms of pain. Yes, you heard it right. Mind-over-matter healing is real and can help you over time.

While pharmacological medication integrates the healing, mind-body therapies let you connect healing through your brain.

Hence, relaxation techniques are the essence of alternative medicine, which includes:

  • Acupuncture
  • Nutritional Supplements
  • Herbal Remedies
  • Water Therapy
  • Biofeedback
  • Guided Imagery
  • Massage
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Therapeutic Touch and Reiki Healing

Key Takeaways

Physical pain is more than heartbreak, rejection, and sadness. It disturbs your sleep, lingers through your nerves, and keeps you feeling discomfort. It is the greatest evil that ruins moments, concentration, opportunities, and overall performance.

To recap, pain management clinics focus on diagnosing and managing chronic pain. Compared to the usual treatment of a disease, the pain management changes the method, by involving a team of professionals who will painstakingly study your pain, including psychologists, physical and occupational therapists, nutritionists, and physicians.

As you grow old, you’ll discern that not all pain is the same kind. Hence, here are the common types of pain that you’ll experience:

  1. Acute Pain;
  2. Chronic Pain;
  3. Breakthrough Pain; and
  4. Nerve Pain.

As a resolution, the natural pain treatment management is your hope for a better life, through regenerative treatments and alternative medicines.

You’re not you when you’re in pain. That’s why you need pain management in your life.