What are the details to pay attention to when purchasing an oxygen machine?

Indoor air quality

Sunlight, air, and water are the three elements that make up life. The oxygen molecule in the air is an important substance indispensable for production. The oxygen content of the air is about 21%. This content of oxygen is just right for a normal human body, but for most elderly people, the respiratory system and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular systems are much more. Certain diseases are rare, and symptoms of hypoxia are often present, such as coughing and difficulty breathing. If oxygen is not supplied quickly, it will cause irreversible consequences. Therefore, the use of home oxygen concentrators for home oxygen therapy has become an important auxiliary treatment method in medicine, and home oxygen concentrators have gradually become important equipment for family and social health centers. So is the home oxygen machine easy to use? Which brand of oxygen generator is better? Let’s take a look at the necessary skills for purchasing an oxygen generator.

Which technology should be used for home oxygen machine?

There are three common oxygen production mechanisms: molecular sieve principle, chemical reaction oxygen production principle, and polymer oxygen-enriched membrane principle. Considering the safety of oxygen inhalation and the maturity of technology, at present, only the molecular sieve oxygen generator is the only mature technical means at present, and it is also a recognized oxygen production method in accordance with international and national standards.

How is the principle of molecular sieve oxygen production realized?

The molecular sieve can absorb nitrogen in the air when it is pressurized, and the remaining unabsorbed oxygen is collected and becomes high-purity oxygen after purification. The advantages of this oxygen production method are very obvious. The oxygen is directly extracted from the air, which is ready for use, fresh and natural, and there is no danger of high pressure and explosion. It is also the most popular because of its pure oxygen concentration and longer service life. From the working principle, it can be found that molecular sieve is a very important medium, followed by the compressor used in pressurization technology, so the author will analyze these two issues for everyone.

Choices of molecular sieve

There are generally two types of molecular sieves: domestic and imported. The performance of domestic molecular sieves is not as good as that of imported ones due to the difference in production technology. Imported molecular sieves have the characteristics of strong adsorption performance, good oxygen production effect, and long service life. Among them, UOP molecular sieve from the United States The CECA molecular sieve from France is recognized as a high-end molecular sieve in the industry and has the best effect. These two kinds of molecular sieves are also materials used in medical-grade home oxygen concentrators. Both high-end home oxygen concentrator brands use these two molecular sieves. It is known that the American Xinnuo, Japan Omron, and other brands use French molecular sieves. ; American molecular sieves used by American brands such as Invicom should be paid attention to when purchasing.

The choice of compressor

Is the home oxygen generator easy to use? Which brand of oxygen generator is better? There are two types of compressors: oil and oil-free. Compressors with oil are likely to cause pollution during the oxygen production process and cause physical harm to the oxygen inhalers. Oil-free compression has the advantage of not causing oxygen pollution, but also has high efficiency, Strong performance, good heat dissipation and low noise. In this regard, medical-grade home oxygen concentrator brands such as Xinnuo, Omron, and Invicom have done well.

Flow control and monitoring technology

The control and detection technology of the oxygen flow rate of the household oxygen generator is also one of the core technologies of the product. The accurate detection of the oxygen flow rate and oxygen content can ensure the safe and correct use of the product for consumers. The technology of ordinary oxygen concentrator brands in this respect is still in the manual adjustment stage. Manual adjustment is not precise enough to control the adjustment accuracy, and subtle differences will have a significant impact on the concentration of oxygen. This is for oxygen inhalers. In terms of safety hazards. In this regard, the American Xinnuo brand has mastered the most advanced electronic control flow fine-tuning technology, which has higher flow control accuracy and safer oxygen use.

What is the standard of oxygen concentration

Is the home oxygen generator easy to use? Which brand of oxygen generator is better? In addition to the two core elements of molecular sieve and compressor, there is also an important criterion for judging the pros and cons of household oxygen concentrators from the perspectives of oxygen production standards and user needs, that is, oxygen concentration, a high-quality The oxygen concentration of the household oxygen generator should be stabilized above 90%, and this is one of the important criteria when purchasing.

Running noise

Most household oxygen concentrators are used by frail family members who need to rest. It is understood that the use of oxygen concentrators is generally long-term, so products that run too noisy will greatly affect the rest of the user, especially At night, it is detrimental to the physical and mental health of oxygen inhalers. From the perspective of smokers’ health, the working noise of a high-quality household oxygen concentrator should be less than 45 decibels. In this regard, major brands of household oxygen concentrators are usually well-designed and have low noise. For example, the American Xinnuo brand uses a patented honeycomb runner heat dissipation and noise reduction technology, which not only effectively controls the allowable noise to 45 decibels Below, it is more conducive to the heat dissipation of the product to increase the service life. Reminder: Before starting up some brands of household oxygen concentrators, you need to cut off the bottom to fix the straps to reduce damage to the machine and reduce noise. Is the home oxygen generator easy to use? Which brand of oxygen generator is better? The operating sound level is very important.

Air filtration function

The current air pollution situation is becoming more and more serious. If you breathe in unclean oxygen during oxygen inhalation, it will cause harm to the respiratory system and even bring other diseases. Therefore, you should pay attention to the gas filtration system of the product when purchasing. To ensure the purity of the oxygen produced by the oxygen generator, it has effectively avoided the inhalation of harmful substances such as large ash, airborne particles, and pathogenic bacteria. At the same time, remind everyone to replace or clean the filter accessories regularly during use.

Other requirements or functions

Is the home oxygen generator easy to use? Which brand of oxygen machine is better? In addition to the above-mentioned important considerations for purchase, an easy-to-use oxygen concentrator should also have friendly control performance. Therefore, users of the following rich functions can choose according to their actual needs, such as: timing function, remote control, Fault monitoring (this function is very practical), SOS call, voice prompt, negative oxygen ion release, humidified oxygen and other functions. Remind users that if the household oxygen generator has the function of humidifying oxygen, please choose pure water, distilled water or cool boiled water as the water added.

Home oxygen brand strength

The above is mainly to choose products from the functional aspect. In fact, the brand factor is another important factor in choosing a home oxygen concentrator, which is related to the product design, production process and quality of the home oxygen concentrator, and after-sales service. When purchasing, it is best to choose a brand with a long history and strong strength to effectively guarantee the service and product maintenance required during the use process. The following big brands are more reliable. They are: Xinnuo from the United States, Omron from Japan, Invicom from the United States, Philips from the Netherlands and Boswell from China.

Tips for choosing the right product

In addition to the above core precautions, there are some tips that can also be used as a reference when purchasing:

1. Patients with respiratory and cardiovascular diseases have higher requirements for the performance of home oxygen concentrators. When purchasing, they should choose branded products that can meet medical-grade standards (known medical-grade brands include Xinnuo and Omron), which have reached a long-term continuous supply. The standard of oxygen.

2. Whether it has an atomization function. For users with respiratory diseases, this requirement is more practical, but this is not a necessary function of the oxygen concentrator. Of course, if there is, there is no need to purchase an additional atomizer;

3. The household oxygen generator is a health auxiliary treatment device, not a fashion product, and there is no need to be entangled in the appearance design, but because the design is concerned about whether the structure is excellent, whether the volume is suitable, whether there is a power wheel that is easy to move, and a product with ideal heat dissipation.

4. The domestic oxygen generator certified by ISO international and CE European quality system is an important reference for purchase;

5. It has a cumulative timing function to count the usage time, so as to provide objective and accurate data for long-term maintenance and service. The service life of a good oxygen machine should be guaranteed tens of thousands of hours.

6. Household oxygen generators are generally used for a long time, and products with low power consumption are more economical.