What is DICOM software?

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Some software products can be purchased from developers’ sites. They are designed taking into account the main preferences of the target audience. However, such products may not fully match individual requirements. For example, they may lack important features while having unnecessary tools. 

Various types of software may require ordering customized solutions. DICOM-based software development services also often fall in this category. Find out more detailed info on this type of software. 

What Is DICOM?

This abbreviation stands for Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine. The protocol is used for transferring images and other pieces of information related to this industry. DICOM is utilized in a large number of medical facilities. It is a fully patented technology by NEMA. This tool allows for storing and transferring images and other data across different devices.

Why Opt for DICOM Development Services? 

The main advantage of DICOM is that this protocol serves as a standard. This allows avoiding various compatibility issues when using a range of devices (PCs, scanners, mobile phones, and others) and PACS from different manufacturers. 

Why Is DICOM Important?

Medical imaging solutions are often used, particularly, by radiology, pathology, heart, and other departments. The possibility to obtain high-quality images and other data that can be used and transferred across various devices is crucial. Medical establishments may need to use their own customized products to fully match the specifics of the facility. Also, it is possible to use ready-made solutions on the condition that they are seamlessly integrated into the existing software products. 

When to Order the DICOM Development and Integration Services? 

DICOM is a must-have protocol for various medical departments. The reasons to order it include the following:

  • the absence of access to the DICOM technology
  • inconvenience in use or possible issues with the existing DICOM products 

Ordering such development services from a company with experienced developers is essential.