7 Ways to Prevent Substance Abuse During Teenage Years

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Drug addiction is one of the most challenging issues of modern society. An increasing number of people are getting into substance abuse. Addiction refers to a chronic brain disorder in which a person cannot avoid or prevent themselves from depending on a substance or a behavior. Addiction doesn’t just affect the person using drugs, but everyone around them too. It never brings anything good and makes people’s conditions worse.

We all experiment in our teens. When we enter our teens, we start learning more about drugs and alcohol. Teenage parties are also wild; you get exposed to so many substances in one night. However, most substance abuse can stray back to your teens. It is a good idea to take care of your health at a young age. The long-term effects of drugs are detrimental. Your health crashes before you can even hit your peak. Therefore, here are some ways you can avoid substance abuse at your young age:

Study About Substance Abuse

While we are in the age of information, we are also in the age of misinformation. Not everyone knows what they’re talking about. So, if you want to learn about substance abuse, start doing it yourself. You may go online and check out the information reliable sources such as WHO and CDC have put out. You can even read medical journals to understand substance abuse even more. Don’t hesitate to go the extra mile more about drug abuse.

Learn About Rehab

Rehab centers are heavily stigmatized in society. It would help if you clarified what rehab centers are. If you want to help yourself out, try reaching out to them. You can find these rehab centers around your area or by searching on the internet. For instance, individuals living in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, can consult Delphi Health Group to get information and proper guidance. It would help if you tried visiting a rehab center to clear your doubts further. Don’t buy into society’s thoughts of drug addiction and rehab and form your opinions. 

Stay Away from Abusive Family Members

As a teenager, your hands can get tied. Abusive family members play a huge role in your life. If you have experienced watching your parents abuse substances, it will stay with you. You need to find help before you subconsciously start picking up your habits. Since you’re in no position to help yourself alone, you need adults to help you out. You can call social services to intervene. While the road to ask the government can be challenging, you need their help. If you have relatives who are stable and want to help you, reach out to them. Get yourself help right away before it gets worse.

Learn to Navigate Through Peer Pressure

Peer pressure can get heavy during your teen years. You will have all sorts of friends trying drugs and pushing you to the same. The same group of friends can also sneak alcohol and push you to drink it. In such cases, you need to find ways to avoid giving in. Maybe you can distract your friends from substance abuse and get them into other activities. You should also avoid going with them to clubs or pubs illegally. If you can help it, try staying in public spaces where people can watch you.

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Talk to a Doctor

Doctors can help you understand more about substance abuse. They can also inform you about prescription pill abuse and how you can avoid it. A medical expert can help you find the proper guidance you need. So if you feel like doing substances, they can help you better. You can also learn about alcohol abuse and what are the safe levels to consume alcohol. You can also learn the best way to care for your injuries without turning to pills immediately.

Get Counseling

There is no age to start getting counseling. Anytime you start getting stressed, you should seek counseling. Teenage years can get vulnerable. You’re already struggling with so many issues as a teen, and addiction can pile on. A counselor can help you understand your thought process. You learn coping mechanisms that help you from going down that road. You can also learn how to draw a boundary from your friends. When you get the right amount of help, you can keep yourself from crashing.

Avoid Staying in Parties for Too Long

You can’t avoid partying as a teen. While it’s okay not to go to parties, you would want a social life. Parties are a great way to hang out. But, while you’re mingling, survey the food and drinks. Anything that smells or looks suspicious you should never consume. If someone is trying to give you anything, avoid it. Never drink something from someone you don’t know, and unless you know the drink, don’t indulge. If you feel pressure, you are allowed to excuse yourself and leave the party. The more you exercise caution at a party, the more you build up a tolerance.

Wrap Up

As a teen, you can quickly get into substance abuse. Teenage years are very formidable. You can make or break yourself from the choices you make. So, as a teenager, you can do different tactics to avoid yourself from succumbing to substance abuse. First, you need to find yourself reliable help. Help can come in the form of social services or the form of a dependable adult. Find ways to curb peer pressure and find an escape from your abusive family. It would help if you also tried educating yourself about rehab and substance abuse. If you feel like you’re crumbling under pressure, you should try getting into counseling. So, with all these factors, you will prevent substance abuse in your teens.