What Is Vaginal Rejuvenation Therapy And When Do You Need One?

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Various cosmetic enhancements have become available in the market in recent years. There are surgical and non-surgical procedures that target specific areas of the body. These treatments are designed to enhance a body part’s aesthetic appeal, minimize or delay aging effects, smoothen imperfections, and protect its health. Surgical augmentations sometimes help alleviate pain and discomfort or improve one’s wellness.  

Some of the most popular cosmetic procedures nowadays are used to reshape particular body parts, including the skin, buttocks, breasts, arms, thighs, abdominal area, and the face. These augmentation procedures are usually done to tone and beautify areas with excess fat or smoothen the skin’s texture to restore youthfulness. Meanwhile, some patients opt to augment the fullness of the breasts and buttocks for a more flattering silhouette.  

When it comes to vaginal rejuvenation, the goals are similar to other body treatments. Vaginal rejuvenation is a broad term used to refer to several types of surgical and non-surgical procedures performed to restore the tightness or firmness of the vaginal walls. Some treatments can also be done to improve the appearance of the vulva or the outer part of the female genitalia. 

To know more about vaginal rejuvenation therapy and when a woman needs one, continue reading this article.  

Defining Vaginal Rejuvenation Therapy 

Vaginal rejuvenation refers to any corrective procedure to enhance the internal and external parts of the female genitalia. These procedures help reverse vaginal relaxation caused by aging, vaginal birth, menopause, or pelvic surgeries. Meanwhile, some patients may also require enhancement procedures to address specific medical conditions that negatively affect vaginal health and appearance. An example of these conditions is labia hypertrophy or the enlargement of the labia minora.  

Vaginal rejuvenation may involve various procedures, including surgery, energy-based treatments, and injections. Some medicines may target loosened vaginal walls, while others may address specific parts such as the clitoris or the G-spot. Apart from these examples, experts in female reproductive health improvement, such as Leavitt Women’s Healthcare, may also offer alternative treatments to address stress urinary incontinence that doesn’t require surgery or heat-based procedures.  

Vaginal relaxation is characterized by symptoms such as: 

  • Vaginal laxity, or the sensation of looseness of the vaginal walls 
  • Urinary incontinence 
  • Dryness or lack of lubrication 
  • Reduced sensation during sexual intercourse 
  • Decreased sexual satisfaction 

Aside from the physical manifestations of vaginal laxity, many women also suffer from its psychological effects. Some may suffer from lowered self-confidence and dissatisfaction with sexual intimacy because of this condition, while others may also feel pain and discomfort. Despite its negative impact on a woman’s health, wellness, and quality of life, vaginal relaxation is widely overlooked and commonly left untreated.  

However, many things have changed regarding addressing concerns related to women’s reproductive health, one of which is the popularity of vaginal rejuvenation therapy.

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The Different Procedures Involved In Vaginal Rejuvenation Therapy  

Depending on the patient’s condition, vaginal rejuvenation therapy may involve different procedures that may or may not be done simultaneously. Also, they may package this form of treatment differently depending on the healthcare provider. Some may call an all-inclusive package of rejuvenation treatments as ‘designer vagina’ procedures to introduce the set of medicines as a cosmetic solution with health benefits.  

Here are some examples of surgical and non-surgical procedures done to improve the appearance and health of the female genitalia: 


Vaginoplasty refers to surgical procedures that can effectively tighten loose vaginal walls negatively impacted by childbirth or aging. This procedure may involve the removal of excess skin, reducing the size of the opening of the vagina, and using stitches to secure loose tissue. After a vaginoplasty, patients are expected to feel improved sensation in the vagina during sex. Moreover, this treatment is also used to alleviate symptoms of stress urinary incontinence because it tones the vaginal muscles and improves bladder control. 


Labiaplasty is a surgical procedure that adjusts the size and shape of the inner and outer labia. However, it’s most commonly done as a cosmetic enhancement for the inner vaginal lips. In addition, Labiaplasty is an outpatient procedure that usually takes less than two hours to complete. The recovery period can last up to six months after the process, and the doctor may prescribe antibiotics to alleviate swelling and prevent infection.  

G-Spot Enhancement And Amplification 

This treatment explicitly targets the front wall of the vagina, which is believed to be essential to sexual arousal and orgasm in women. In this procedure, the doctor will inject collagen into the erogenous area to increase its size and sensitivity. The G-Spot enhancement procedure requires no downtime, and patients can have sex within the same day as the treatment. The effects are expected to last up to four months after the procedure. 

Clitoral Unhooding 

Clitoral unhooding, or clitoral hood reduction, refers to the procedure which entails removing excess vaginal tissue that covers the clitoris. This surgical procedure claims to be effective in improving the appearance of the genitalia and boosting sexual pleasure simultaneously.  

Clitoral hood reduction is an outpatient procedure that usually takes an hour to complete. During the surgery, the doctor may apply local anesthesia to the genital region, or they can also administer general anesthesia to put the patient to sleep.  

Typically, recovery can take up to six months, though the patient needs to take a week off doing strenuous activities. There are also aftercare guidelines that the patient must follow to ensure complete recovery.  

Radiofrequency (RF) Treatments 

Radiofrequency or RF treatment is a type of energy-based treatment that’s minimally invasive. This treatment uses a device that emits controlled heat, which will be applied to areas in the genitalia for rejuvenation. After several sessions, the vagina is expected to regain tightness, firmness, and lubrication. The outer portions of the vulva may also improve in appearance because the heat from the RF device also promotes collagen production.  

Energy-based treatments are painless and require little to no recovery time, though doctors may recommend patients rest and avoid strenuous activities following a procedure. Also, topical numbing creams are commonly used before each treatment.  

Furthermore, it may take a few sessions before the results of RF treatments become visible. However, some effects may not be permanent, and the patient may need to repeat the procedure after a certain period.  

Recovery And Aftercare 

A patient should wait two to six weeks to resume regular activities after surgery. However, doctors usually recommend waiting longer after a labiaplasty or vaginoplasty before having intercourse. On the other hand, energy-based treatments may require patients to wait two to six days before becoming sexually intimate.  

Aside from these, it’s also crucial to be keen on any signs of infection, discoloration, or unusual bleeding on the treated area during recovery to avoid complications.  

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Risks And Precautions About Vaginal Rejuvenation Therapy 

Some vaginal rejuvenation procedures may require patients to have more than one session with their healthcare provider. Depending on the patient’s condition and the type of treatment needed, it may be wise to prepare for repeated sessions until you achieve the desired results.  

Moreover, it’s best to do your research and learn more about the surgical and non-surgical treatments you’ll receive, especially the health risks involved in each procedure. For instance, it’s possible to experience intense bleeding, infection, irritation, pain, or discomfort after surgery. Some patients may also need to take time off work to avoid complications. To avoid adverse side effects and ensure a safe and speedy recovery, consult your doctor and follow aftercare instructions correctly.  

Lastly, it is critical to carefully consider the treatments you will receive and to choose a clinic or hospital with a proven track record of performing these procedures.  

Costs Of Vaginal Rejuvenation Procedures 

While not all vaginal rejuvenation treatments are covered by health insurance, some can be considered an exception, mainly if they’re performed to address health concerns. Also, patients can make costs more manageable by selecting the procedures to include in their rejuvenation package or by deferring other treatments for another session. You can consult your healthcare provider to explore your options and determine what can be done to reduce the price of the medications you’ll receive.

Reasons For Getting Vaginal Rejuvenation 

To Cure Labial Hypertrophy 

Labial hypertrophy is the enlargement of the vaginal lips, though it’s commonly observed to affect the labia minora. With this condition, the inner lips of the vagina may become more prominent than the outer ones, which will cause them to be constantly exposed. Some women are naturally-born with enlarged labia, while others experience it due to hormonal changes, puberty, pregnancy, or aging. 

While harmless, enlarged labia may be prone to irritation and cause infection since they’re more likely to harbor bacteria. Without proper hygiene, a patient may be more susceptible to vaginal itchiness, foul odor, or bacterial and yeast infections. 

This condition doesn’t affect a woman’s sexual health. Some patients may even be unaware of having labial hypertrophy if there are no severe symptoms. However, it’s also possible that the enlarged labia may cause discomfort during physical activities such as exercising, running, or cycling. Furthermore, hypertrophy may also affect one’s satisfaction during intercourse. For these reasons, vaginal rejuvenation can be an excellent solution for labial hypertrophy. 

To Boost Self-Confidence 

The appearance of one’s vagina can have a considerable impact on their self-confidence. For many women, having smooth, firm, and youthful-looking genital skin is desirable, while any signs of aging, imperfection, or discoloration can cause concern or insecurity. To boost their sexual confidence, many opt to undergo vaginal rejuvenation procedures for cosmetic enhancement.  

To Alleviate Symptoms Of Stress Urinary Incontinence 

Aside from its detrimental effects on sexual satisfaction, vaginal relaxation can also cause stress urinary incontinence. This condition causes a woman to release urine involuntarily due to having weakened pelvic floor muscles. Urinary incontinence causes discomfort and inconvenience to the afflicted and can disrupt a woman’s quality of life.  

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If this happens, seeking treatment immediately to alleviate the condition’s symptoms is essential. One of the most effective ways to combat incontinence is by vaginal rejuvenation, which restores the pelvic muscles’ tightness and improves bladder control.  

To Eliminate Pain Or Discomfort 

As women age, they become more susceptible to experiencing pain and discomfort while having intercourse due to the changes in their genitalia. For example, vaginal dryness can make intercourse uncomfortable, while vaginal relaxation can cause the same sensations since it affects the pelvic organs.  

Hence, it’s best to seek vaginal rejuvenation procedures to eliminate pain and discomfort during sex and other activities. By doing so, you’ll be able to improve your sexual experience and avoid unpleasant sensations significantly.  

To Improve Sexual Experience 

Sexual satisfaction is an essential part of reproductive health and affects a woman’s quality of life as a whole. In addition, unfulfilling sexual experiences may create problems within relationships. The inability to experience arousal and orgasm can severely affect a woman’s emotional and psychological well-being. For this reason, getting vaginal rejuvenation therapy is an excellent solution for women who wants to enhance sensation and lubrication in their genitalia.  

Through vaginoplasty, the doctor can restore the tightness of the vaginal walls. This procedure will allow a woman to experience intercourse more satisfactorily and may also enhance the sexual enjoyment of their intimate partner. Moreover, improving the vagina’s ability to lubricate naturally can help create a more satisfying sexual experience for women. 

Vaginal rejuvenation therapy can significantly improve a woman’s health in many ways. It can help them avoid discomfort, pain, or inconvenience while living a more fulfilling life. Moreover, procedures that boost reproductive health can also improve their sexual satisfaction, which influences mental and emotional well-being. Thus, it’s wise to consider getting this type of therapy if you’re looking for ways to enhance your genital health and appearance.  


There are various reasons why a woman should consider getting vaginal rejuvenation therapy. Some may want treatments done to improve their genital health, while others wish cosmetic enhancement to boost self-confidence and sexual satisfaction. Regardless of the purpose, it’s essential to prioritize your health and safety when receiving surgical or non-surgical treatments for your reproductive health. In addition, you will need to select reliable and trustworthy health professionals to perform the procedure to receive the best care and treatment possible.