New Infographic Deals with Vaginal Dryness Issues

Pain and suffering

A new infographic that has been released recently deals with a range of issues relating to a problem that affects many women. The infographic, which is called ‘Why Can’t I Get Wet?’, has been released by LubeZilla, a company that specializes in vaginal lubricants. The company hopes to provide valuable information and help to women suffering from this problem through the infographic.

Vaginal dryness affects a large number of women at some point, and this infographic provides information on the symptoms to look out for. Some of the symptoms include painful sex, regular infections, loss of sex drive, and burning in the vaginal area.

Many women suffer from this condition, and the infographic demonstrates this by providing statistical information. This includes data about the percentage of women that experience problems as well as the average ages of women who suffer from vaginal dryness. There are a number of factors that can cause this dryness, and the infographic also looks at this. It details a range of possible causes including certain medications and irritants amongst other things.

You can then go on to find out about the various serious conditions that vaginal dryness can lead to if it is not treated in a timely manner. The infographic details a number of serious issues that can arise from this.

It then concludes with a section that looks at ways to combat vaginal dryness, many of which are simple solutions such as medication and using lubricant.