What is a showreel video and how long it should be?

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A showreel is like a short video resume that shows off someone’s or a company’s best work, and it can be very important if you’re marketing your clinic, hospital or doctor’s office. It’s commonly used by people in creative jobs like filmmaking, acting, graphic design, and health care industry marketers. The video highlights their skills, the types of patients treated, the treatments you offer, the most advances medical devices you have available, and more. Having a good showreel can help them stand out and get patients come to your healthcare facility.

The Ideal Length of a Showreel

When it comes to the duration of a showreel, brevity is key. The recommended length is typically between 90 seconds to 2 minutes. This concise format is long enough to display your versatility and skill set but short enough to hold the viewer’s attention and leave them wanting more.

Creating a Showreel: A Step-by-Step Guide

1. Gathering Your Best Work

The first step in creating a showreel is to compile your best work. This includes any projects that showcase your skills, therapies, and devices available. For those with extensive experience or larger health care facilities, select pieces that highlight your highest achievements. For smaller health care businesses, consider creating sample projects or using academic or personal patient stories that best demonstrate your ability to treat people.

2. Crafting a Narrative

Your showreel should tell a story, emphasizing your unique strengths and style. Arrange your selected works in a way that flows smoothly and logically, creating a compelling narrative about your professional journey and capabilities.

3. Focusing on Quality Over Quantity

It’s better to have a few outstanding pieces in your showreel than a multitude of mediocre ones. Focus on showcasing work that you’re genuinely proud of, ensuring that each piece contributes to the overall impact of your reel.

4. Editing for Impact

The editing stage is crucial for making your showreel engaging. Use dynamic editing techniques to ensure that your reel is fast-paced, visually appealing, and showcases your work in the best light. Adding a fitting soundtrack can also enhance the emotional pull and professionalism of your reel.

5. Showreel Hosting and Sharing

Once your showreel is polished and ready, consider the best platforms for hosting and sharing it. Websites like Vimeo and YouTube are popular choices due to their wide reach and user-friendly interfaces. Make sure your reel is easily accessible by including a link in your website homepage, professional profiles, CV, and any relevant social media platforms.

Tips for Creating a Showreel With No Experience

If you’re just starting and lack professional experience, focus on demonstrating your potential through personal projects, volunteer work, or contributions to community or school projects. Showcasing your ability to learn, adapt, and create under various circumstances can be incredibly compelling to prospective employers or clients.


In summary, a showreel is an essential tool for anyone in the healthcare industry, offering a powerful way to showcase your best work, treatments and facilities. By following these guidelines on how to make a showreel, even those with no experience can craft a compelling video that captures their professional journey and aspirations. Remember, a great showreel opens the door to new opportunities and is your first step toward standing out in the competitive creative landscape

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