Gambling should come with warnings to prevent suicides

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Gambling is a part of culture and entertainment that attracts millions of people around the world. However, behind the fun and excitement of the game, there is often a serious problem of addiction that can lead to negative consequences for a person’s health and well-being. Just as cigarettes come with health warnings, gambling should come with public health warnings to prevent addiction and prevent suicide.

The number of suicides due to gambling addiction is steadily increasing

In 2023, a shocking number of gambling-related deaths were reported. About 496 people decided to commit suicide due to addiction to roulette and slot machines. This tragedy exposed the scale of the problem that lies behind the colourful advertisements and flickering casino lights. While some put their money on the line, others put their lives on the line, unable to overcome their gambling addiction.

Dangerous addiction sometimes begins unnoticed – a simple game of “one or two” can turn into a test of life and death. Large betting companies and casinos manipulate the feelings of thousands of people, earning billions at their expense. For example, many online casinos and affiliate sites, for example, first give their players no deposit bonuses and then entice them to play for real money and spend more and more.

However, despite all the measures taken by the authorities, the number of gambling-related suicides continues to grow exponentially. The UK has seen a wave of new forms of gambling and the easy accessibility of online gaming platforms, which is particularly attracting the attention of the younger generation. Despite slogans about player protection and control, none of them bring significant results.

Undoubtedly, the issue of gambling and suicide requires immediate attention and action to prevent further spread of this scourge. At the same time, it is necessary to begin a process of public awareness, prevention and intervention, similar to the actions taken with regard to smoking and wearing seat belts in cars. It is important to create a system of risk warnings, support for victims and active influence on the problem of gambling addiction in order to save lives and stop the tragic trend.

The government must take responsibility

In 2023, it was revealed that a staggering number of people, around 1.4 million adults and over 100,000 children in the UK suffer from a gambling addiction. This figure is of grave concern as gambling addiction can have a devastating impact on anyone’s life, affecting their financial well-being, mental health, family relationships and even causing thoughts of suicide.

The Government and the Gambling Commission must, therefore, take responsibility for the current crisis and take urgent action to resolve it. The main goal is to reduce the number of people suffering from gambling addiction and provide support to those who seek help. In addition, we should not forget about charitable organizations that are important for supporting gambling addicts, so they should be provided with financial support and comprehensive assistance in carrying out their activities.

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