Ways to Refresh Your Mind and Body This Spring

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Spring is a season of new beginnings. Birds chirping, flowers blossoming, and green sprouts emerging from the dead of winter are just a few of the many ways that spring elicits a sense of fresh starts. With this in mind, what better time than spring for some inward reflection and the chance at personal refreshment? Keep reading for 4 prime ideas for refreshing your mind and body this spring!

Put a New Perspective On Exercise

I know, I know.

Every single self-help book, blog, and podcast out there recommends exercise as the #1 way to get started on the path to a happier and healthier life.

And they are right–to a certain extent.

However, most people fail in their attempts to start an exercise regimen because they try to do too much, too fast. They set out to run 5 miles every day as part of their New Year’s resolution, and it’s just not realistic. In fact, some studies show that this kind of trudging exercise actually triggers the release of the stress hormone cortisol, making that workout gear seem all the more unsavory. Perhaps this is why most people’s exercise resolutions are long gone by the time spring rolls around.

Therefore, in order to make your exercise therapeutic and refreshing this spring, be sure to frame it in the right context. Don’t set out to reshape your body in a day. Something as simple as taking the dogs on a 15 minute walk every day for a week can do wonders for getting you in the routine of lacing up the tennis shoes and moving, creating a healthy habit that you can build upon.

Treat Yourself

Living in a time of unprecedented inflation, many people are feeling increased pressure to scrimp and save. The psychological toll that this can take goes without saying.

However, while no one is suggesting that you cash out your retirement and go on a spending spree, it is important to remember to treat yourself from time to time. 

And when you are spending in the realm of health and personal wellness, it is hard to consider that a splurge. Therefore, a massage, spa day, or darkness retreat are all ideas to help you rewind and hit the reset button this spring. In addition, an at-home IV session is a trending service that many people are using to restore homeostasis to their bodies after periods of intense chaos.

“Mobile IV therapy can help refresh your mind and body by replenishing essential vitamins and minerals, reducing fatigue, and boosting your immune system, so you can feel your best and tackle whatever life throws your way.” – Vanessa Cabrera of Phoenix Mobile IV Therapy

At the end of the day, it is important to remember that these types of “lavish” experiences may help you save on more serious expenses should your mental or physical state be neglected, so treating yourself to one of these services can be an extremely worthwhile investment this spring. 

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Winter is a season in which we inevitably hoard stuff. Whether it is old Christmas boxes that continue to linger, bulky winter clothing that is occupying most of the closet, or broken furniture/appliances that the cold conditions have made it prohibitive to dispose of, the winter accumulation can make it difficult to air out the house come springtime.

Therefore, taking a day or weekend to declutter is one of the best things you can do to get in the right mindset for spring. A survey showed that the average American home has 300,000 items in it, and some 55% of people say this clutter is a big source of stress. With this in mind, that spring clean that you keep putting off every year can actually work wonders for improving your mental health. 

Unplug for a Weekend (Or More)

Although the internet and smart technology have improved our quality of life in innumerable ways, there is no denying it has required sacrifices in other areas. Constant comparisons to people on social media feeds and the feeling that you have to answer your boss’ email at all hours of the night are just a couple of the ways that technology has added stress to modern lifestyles. Not to mention that irrational sense of nakedness you get when going anywhere without your phone in your pocket.

Therefore, it can be extremely therapeutic to schedule a weekend (or more) without technology. Inform anyone who matters that you are going off the grid for a while, take some time in nature, and dive into a craft like it is the 1800’s. 

4 Simple Ways to Refresh Your Mind and Body This Spring

Spring is a season in which the world around us starts fresh. Don’t be a spectator to this exciting change by using the 4 ideas listed above to refresh your mind and body this spring!