5 Things That Can Be Treated by a Chiropractor

chiropractor neck massage

A chiropractor is someone who treats physical problems primarily concerning the back. Chiro (which rhymes with pyro, as in pyrotechnics) comes from the Greek word for hand, and chiropractors are very hands-on. They manipulate the back with a strength, assurance and confidence based on their knowledge of the body, and are often called upon to correct problems caused by misalignment.

Here are five things that a chiropractor can help with;

Neck pain

The neck is the upper section of the back and has the additional function of twisting right and left to enable us to see and hear things that are not right in front of us. Having a stiff neck or a “cricked” neck means the normally smooth operation of this key body part is being impaired, making swivelling difficult or painful. Whiplash is a particularly dramatic form of neck pain, often associated with being in a car crash, where the head is suddenly thrown backwards. A chiropractor in Phoenix will identify the section causing the trouble and free it, restoring mobility, and relieving pain. However, in severe cases time will be needed for healing to take place.


Many people who suffer recurring headaches don’t take the trouble to find out why this is happening. They will take painkillers and wait for the symptoms to go away (even if they expect them to return). There are many possible causes of a headache, and a spinal problem is one. Once this is diagnosed, a chiropractor can make adjustments that will correct the smooth operation of the body and alleviate the problem. Sometimes the optimal treatment comes from a combination of a chiropractor and physical therapy.

headache pain


The spine coexists with nerves and when the two come into contact in the lower back, the result can be sciatica, a sharp, burning pain radiating down the leg. Even among the various ailments of the back, sciatica can be an especially miserable experience, but it can be cleared up remarkably quickly by a chiropractor, who will put the offending part of the spine back in place at a safe distance from the nerve.


Defined in dictionaries as abnormal lateral curvature of the spine, the key word here is lateral, i.e. sideways. The spine is supposed to be straight up and down, but if there is a bend to the left or right that introduces a sort of “S” shape, that is known as scoliosis. Sufferers can go through their life without knowing they have it until, perhaps, an x-ray reveals it. If scoliosis causes difficulties such as restricted movement in certain situations, a chiropractor can attend to it.

Impaired sports performance

Many sports put a great strain on the skeleton, from the lateral swinging of a baseball bat and the forward hurling of a javelin to the relentless arm-pumping of skis. All of these and many more can eventually cause problems which fall into the territory of the chiropractor, who will examine the sufferer and identify the source of the issue, make corrections and give advice on technique that can bring the athlete back to performing condition, help others avoid the problem and even potentially lead to improved performance.


If you’re suffering from any of the conditions listed above, it might be a good idea to book an appoitnment with your local chiropractor to get the problem sorted.