3 Types of Telehealth Services You Should Consider for Your Healthcare Organization

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Telehealth refers to the health services you can provide to your patients via telecommunication devices. With the telehealth services, you don’t need the patients to come to your healthcare facility to get them examined, and you just need to connect with them via phone calls, video calls, mobile apps, and other means of telecommunications. There are various types of telehealth services you can provide to your patients, but you should at least prioritize the most important telehealth services for your healthcare organization. 

You need to ensure that your patients get the best telehealth solutions from your healthcare organization, as it can help them understand more about their health conditions and get the best health treatments whenever necessary. Here are 3 types of telehealth services you should consider for your healthcare organization:

Remote Patient Monitoring

Monitoring the health of your patients is important, so you can always provide the right treatments and medications for their health conditions. The good thing about monitoring the patients is that you don’t need to bring the patients to your healthcare facility just to perform this procedure. There is a remote patient monitoring procedure you can follow to monitor your patient’s health conditions from the comfort of their home. Of course, if there are any serious health conditions, you will need to take your patients to the healthcare facility for immediate treatment.

Remote patient monitoring will give you the detailed data of the patient’s conditions, and then you can assess their health situation and give certain instructions to your patients for further actions. With remote patient monitoring, you might request your patients to come to your healthcare facility for a more in-depth analysis, or you can just provide a prescription for your patients for them to take the medications as prescribed.

Live Video Conferencing

Live video conferencing is the health consultation service you can offer to your patients as a part of your telehealth solutions. With this telehealth service, it will be possible for you to connect your healthcare professionals with your patients via one-on-one video consultation. This can provide various benefits for the patients, such as making it easier for them to consult with healthcare professionals or ask for any expert opinions about their health conditions.

At the level of consultation, patients don’t need to come to the healthcare facility, as the purpose of the consultation is to provide basic information about the patient’s health conditions and how to treat them. Further consultations might be necessary if the patient’s health conditions seem to be serious and in need of further analysis. Overall, live video conferencing is the perfect solution for the patients to get an initial diagnosis or opinion from the healthcare providers before they can come to the healthcare facility for further analysis and treatment.

Mobile Health

Mobile Health or mHealth is the type of telehealth service you can provide to your patients, which will make use of the mobile technology. This often involves creating an app for your healthcare services, which provides various ways for your patients to get health-related information from their mobile device. With the mobile app, you can allow your patients to browse through various health articles, read about health-related news, read the questions and answers from other patients, and so on.

The most important feature of the mobile health service you can provide for your patients is real-time chat, which allows your patients to chat with the healthcare providers in real time. Your patients can choose from among various health topics they want to know, and they can chat with the healthcare professionals for each topic. Also, you can use the mobile health platform to offer various health-related products and services, such as health insurance, digital prescription, delivery for medication, ambulance request, and so on. You can also offer subscription services to allow your patients to access more features from your mobile health platform.


These are the telehealth services you should consider for your healthcare organization. These telehealth services can help you expand your reach and find new patients for your healthcare organization with more ease. Your patients don’t need to go to your healthcare facility just to consult with the healthcare professionals there, as they just need to access the telehealth services from your healthcare organization to get the health consultation and assessment they need. It’s perfect for the patients that are busy, which can help save them a lot of time in taking care of their health.

You should provide these telehealth services to your patients, as it can help them get in touch with your healthcare organization in an instant, with no hassles.