The Looming Dangers of Counterfeit Vapor Products and How to Stay Away from Them

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Today, the vaping industry has revolutionized the way people enjoy nicotine. A safer alternative to traditional smoking, the popularity of vaping is on the rise. As the demand for vaping increases, many vape brands and manufacturers are emerging in the market. Unfortunately, this also makes room for the issue of counterfeit vapor products.

Many beginner vapers must learn how to determine whether their vape products are authentic. Using counterfeit vape products puts them at risk of irreversibly damaging their health. Do you need to figure out how genuine your vaping products are? Are you skeptical about choosing the vape products available in the market?

In this blog, we shall explore the perils of fake vape products, the damage they can cause, how to spot them, and how to find genuine products that aren’t harmful.

Why are counterfeit vapor products problematic?

Here are some of the key reasons why counterfeit vape products are extremely problematic:

They’re illegal

First and foremost, these products are so problematic because they are illegal. A fake vape uses another company’s trademark without their permission. They also do not undergo various screening tests set by regulatory agencies. Similarly, there is no guarantee that these fake products use harmful raw materials that cause serious repercussions after use. They come with no proper nicotine warning, which is quite concerning.

If a business doesn’t mind breaking the law for its profitability, there is hardly any reason for them to care about consumer safety. 

Hazardous user experience

There are various user experience risks associated with using fake vapor products. The e-liquid may be underfilled in counterfeit products, so you won’t get the number of puffs indicated on the package. Since the vaping device is a closed system, you won’t know what’s inside it. The vape juice may also not taste the same.

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Similarly, these fake products will also use poor-quality batteries and may be factory rejects. They won’t last long and might be harmful. Legitimate vaping devices have built-in technology to stop working if overheating or short-circuit arises. However, that might not be true for fake ones and may result in serious user hazards.

Health risks

Besides not having a good vaping experience, fake products cause people to suffer by causing health damage. Using fake vape products has left many people suffering from serious health conditions. From respiratory illnesses to mouth and gum diseases to heart issues, vapor products have caused people to suffer. Inhaling harmful toxins can also cause high blood pressure, skyrocket heart rates, and in the worst scenarios, even seizures and tremors.

How to spot fake vape products?

Since fake vape products also have a similar look and feel to authentic ones, it can be difficult to determine the genuineness of the product. Below are some of the most common characteristics of fake vaping products:

Cheap pricing

The most obvious sign to look out for is pricing. It is a red flag when the product is priced very low. However, sales and discount offers can be an exception if the product is likely a fake one if it is available at a low price. Authentic vape products are usually not very expensive. However, they’re not extremely cheap either.

Poor packaging

Another common characteristic of a fake product is sketchy packaging. Genuine vapes usually come in well-designed and sealed packaging. In contrast, counterfeit products will have packaging with blurry and washed-out designs. There are also strict guidelines for packaging vape products. A vape product must have several things in the packaging of a vape product:

  • Best before date
  • Ingredients list
  • Nicotine warnings

Poor branding 

Unlike original vapes, fake ones won’t have clear, well-defined, high-quality brand logos. It won’t be clear-cut and hard to decipher even if they have logos.

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Inferior product quality

Original vape products usually contain the necessary parts, documentation, and packaging. If the product looks and feels poorly built, it is likely fake. Some elements might also easily come off, leaking vape juices and having a poor battery life.

Doesn’t taste right

If you’re someone who frequently buys vape juices and comes across a fake one, you’re going to know instantly. You’ll know because fake vape juices will have an abnormal taste making you feel like something is wrong.

No manufacturer information

Authentic vapes will have clear manufacturer information on the packaging or device. Vape sellers can also be verified through their website or their customer support. Original products also come with authenticity codes that can help verify whether the product is genuine. There are no manufacturer information or authenticity codes in fake products.

Where to get authentic vapor products?

With so many counterfeit products emerging, finding a trustworthy and reliable source of original vape products takes time and effort. For starters, look for the signs mentioned above to clear any doubts. If you still have doubts, don’t worry because there’s a place that can easily fulfill all your vaping needs. 

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All in all, fake vapor products are not worth it. Spotting counterfeit products will help you prevent health hazards and highly dangerous situations. It is important to be vigilant about any product you come across and thoroughly do your research. Remember, vaping doesn’t have to come at the cost of your safety. Choose wisely, choose safe, and enjoy an exquisite vaping experience with authentic products.