How to Do a Proper Skin Care- Steps to Follow

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 Establishing a proper skincare routine is essential for glowing and healthy skin. There are a variety of products that are currently available in the market for the care of skin. It would help if you gather a complete idea about how and when to use specific products. 

To care for the skin appropriately, you need to know that there is a difference in the routine that one has to follow in the daytime and at nighttime. Consulting with dermatologists will also be an excellent option to decide the best routine for you, as they will guide you reliable products based on your skin type. You can use products of the body essentia range as they are of high quality and will offer high-quality care.

Daytime Skin Care Routine

A routine you need to follow in the daytime is to offer your skin protection from harmful dust and even harsh UV rays. The heavy lights from the sun can damage the sun completely; here, you must be careful and follow a specific routine to reach desired results.

  • Cleanser: At the initial stage, you need to use a cleaner to completely clear all the dust on the skin. You can choose the best cleaner as per the skin type you have.
  • Toner: Now, it’s time to use the toner to refresh your skin. Using the tuners, you can get a balance in the PH level of the face.
  • Antioxidant Serum: These serums will offer concentration and nutrients to the skin that ultimately help to increase the overall look of the face. It is a crucial step that will give proper care to the skin.
  • Eye Cream: Based on the report on skin care, an idea is formed that applying eye cream is a good option, especially for2 times in the day. It will ensure the eyelid does not lose up at the small age.
  • Spot Treatment: If you have acne spots on any part of the face, you can go for the treatment for the same. Cream used during the treatment dries the skin, so applying it to the problematic part is the best option.
  • Moisturizer: Applying moisture is a step you cannot ignore as it is a must option. It offers nourishment to the skin. By applying the moisture, you give the skin a protective layer so as to maintain good condition.
  • Suns Cream: If the months are of summer, then applying sunscreen is the last and final step of the complete daytime routine; it will protect you from the sun’s UV rays. Choose the sun cream of the body essential range.

Nighttime Skin Care Routine

The major part of repairing the skin takes place at night time. If you will follow a routine for the night, then you will get a high skin level with full nourishment. There are some common steps that you can ensure in the night.

Double Cleaner

During the day, a lot of dust and unwanted substances get trapped on the face. So here, the right time is to remove the unwanted dust and makeup from the face so that acne can be avoided.

Toners, Essences, and Boosters

In the market, you can easily get toners and essences that can be used at night for better results. They are made up of different ingredients and can be used easily.

Eye Cream

To avoid dark circles under the eyes, you can use an eye cream. They will work as a protection and will reduce the chance of irritation.

Night Cream

At the last step, you can apply the night cream that will keep the skin moisturized for the full night, and you will wake up fresh. Choose a high quality night cream to get effective results.