The impact of Instagram on your mental health

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Despite the fact that Instagram looks like the most ideal social network, the consequences of using it can be very negative on mental health. Experts say that watching an endless feed suppresses the psyche of a person who begins to feel inferior compared to other people.

Today we will tell you about why this social network is not ideal and how we came to the fact that now people are ready to buy Instagram followers to achieve success.

Fake aesthetics

Many consider Instagram to be a place where everything is perfect and beautiful, because there we can see daily new posts with photos or videos of people who travel a lot, have no problems in work and life, and are always in excellent condition. 

Many bloggers now post photos of their ideal life every day, which is why thousands and millions of people feel that they are not so successful and happy. Popular content makers are willing to spend a lot of time and buy real Instagram followers so that someone can see their beautiful life, but this only hurts people’s mental health.

Few people think that behind these pictures lies a real lifestyle with the same problems and difficulties as everyone else. Most users constantly flip through the feed and envy others, not thinking that everyone has some kind of difficulties and not everything is so perfect.

The study shows that Instagram users complain about sleep problems, body aversion and other symptoms that occur after viewing the feed on this platform.

On the surface, the social network looks very attractive, but endless scrolling negatively affects mental health and well-being. This is due to the fact that users often see images that are not real, which is especially dangerous for young people. Some people look at expensive cars and get anxiety and depression because they can’t afford them.

It seems that those who post photos from weddings, from travels, cafes, gyms and other places, create the illusion of endless employment. Everyone around leads a busy life, except for the one who watches these posts. This person only has time to use social networks.

Unfortunately, this happens all over the world and it greatly worries psychiatrists. Instagram’s main problem is its hypertrophied positivity.

If Facebook shows that everyone around is boring, and Twitter proves that all people are angry and sarcastic, then Instagram makes you think that all your surroundings are perfect, and you are a little worse.

Getting more upset

Instagram users are mostly young people. Therefore, a commonplace example of how fasting leads to depression is breaking up with a loved one, after which many begin to follow the life of their ex and earn depression.

The main problem with Instagram is that you only post content that makes you look good. There are far fewer posts on Twitter and Facebook created to show off your beautiful life.

Now the feed on this platform is a lifestyle showcase competition that doesn’t exist. When people are in a bad mood, they look at the perfect photos of others and get even more upset.