Effective Techniques To Help You Live With Arthritis In The Shoulder

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Many people live with pain daily thanks to an injury or arthritis It can seem like a never-ending struggle to complete normal tasks and make the most of life. However, the right techniques can help you to live with complications and even relieve the pain for you.

What Is Shoulder Arthritis?

The shoulder is one of the most important joints in the body. It is also one of the largest and most complicated joints. This is because there is more than one joint. The arm meets the shoulder and the shoulder connects to the neck. Both joints are capable of movement and, over time, this creates wear.

Usually, there is a coating of cartilage between the joints, this facilitates movement. However, if the cartilage is damaged the bone will start rubbing against itself. This is painful and creates inflammation which swells the tissues around the joint and increases the pressure on the bones. 

It can quickly make it difficult to do something as simple as reach into the top shelf of your cupboard. 

Damage to this joint is caused by trauma or by the breakdown of cartilage which is generally referred to as shoulder arthritis.

The Symptoms

If you are suffering from shoulder arthritis then you will find your range of motion is limited, you will experience pain, and you may have trouble sleeping. 

On top of this, there will be crackling noises and you may start to find it difficult to move your arm.

This is when it is time to learn to live with shoulder arthritis.

Targeted Exercises

There are those that say you should change the way you use your shoulder and modify movements to accommodate the pain. However, adjusting your stance and natural responses will place strain on the rest of your body which is likely to cause further issues. 

Instead, you should contact a reputable physiotherapist and let them help you. They will show you the best exercises you can do to maintain motion and minimize pain.


Meditation and breathing exercises can help your mind to control the pain and deal with it. It can take time to learn the correct process but it is often worthwhile as it will help improve your quality of life. 


Surgical Options

Surgical options are generally considered as a last resort but they are worth considering in conjunction with your doctor. You should consult a shoulder doctor in Orlando who can help relieve pain with one of their appropriate shoulder arthritis surgical treatment.

Treatments range from injections to replace the cartilage to joint replacement surgery. All options should be considered seriously before they are adopted. There are pros and cons to all surgical options and it is important to be aware of all of them before you start. 


It should be noted that painkillers can help to take the edge off the pain. However, if you use them too much they will become ineffective and you’ll need something stronger. That comes with the risk of addiction which is not a path you should choose to take.

That’s why it is best to keep talking to your doctor and find the best way to deal with your shoulder arthritis and enjoy life.