Is Delta-8 Safe?


Delta-8 is a compound found in hemp and marijuana plants and has become increasingly popular due to its psychoactive properties. In the cannabis plant, it is found in very small amounts. The legal argument around delta-8 is evolving, and an even bigger question is if the product itself is safe for consumption. Delta-8 is legal in the US only if it’s derived from hemp. The lack of regulation and the popularity of the product raises a few concerns about the legitimacy of the products being sold. Thus, it is important to buy from trustworthy sellers.

Is it different from marijuana?

Delta-9 THC is the main component in marijuana and is a psychoactive compound. Delta-9 THC is the compound that creates the feeling of a high. The reason why Delta-8 THC is in demand is because of its similarity to delta-9 THC. Both are forms of THC, and while they produce the feeling of euphoria, the experience is milder in the case of delta-8 THC. This also reduces the intensity of the side effects of marijuana. 

The customer must be careful when buying delta-8 THC as there may be fraudulent sellers or contaminated products in the market. The amount of delta-8 THC may be inaccurately listed, or there may be no delta-8 THC in the product. Buyers must look out for such scams and only purchase from sellers they have confidence in. Physicians have pointed out that it is a fairly new product that is still being studied. It can be found as a vaporizable product or a tablet, and there could be different effects even based on the method of consumption. The product is commonly sold in the form of a Delta 8 tincture that can be taken sublingually.

Research on the effects of delta-8 THC is still a work in progress. A study in 1973 stated that varying ranges of delta-8 THC doses lead to various “cannabis-like” effects. This research was done almost fifty years ago and does not have any specifics on the effects and the safety of the compound. In the case of cancer research, the effects of delta-8 THC as a pain-relief medication for cancer patients are still incomplete. 

Is it a safe product?

The benefits of delta-8 have been mostly based on word of mouth. The lack of research has resulted in some uncertain claims about the benefits of delta-8. Many have stated that they use delta-8 THC to deal with various issues such as pain relief, depression, or to help with stress and anxiety. The primary benefits of using delta-8 THC are as follows:

  1. Reduces nausea
  2. Increases appetite
  3. Helps deal with mental health issues such as depression, anxiety
  4. Provides relief from pain
  5. Eases vomiting tendencies in cancer patients
  6. Reduces stress and nervousness

These benefits have been experienced by people who used the product for specific purposes. There’s no particular study or research that can confirm or deny these claims. To some extent, the safety of the product is something that the buyers must decide for themselves after seeking out a reliable seller. 

Studies done on animals have shown that delta-8 could reduce seizures in rats, and it also helped increase the appetite of mice. Slower tumor growth was also witnessed in mice with cancer who were exposed to delta-8 THC. Researchers have also studied the reduction of nauseous feelings after consuming delta-8 THC and found it to be justifiably effective. Certain side effects have been reported by those who used delta-8 THC. These are:

  1. Drowsiness or fatigue
  2. Confusion
  3. Anxiousness
  4. Slow heart rate
  5. Heart palpitations
  6. Low blood pressure
  7. Feelings of numbness

If you notice these effects after consuming delta-8, consult a health official immediately, as it might escalate if left unchecked. Delta 8 products may also be found in edibles such as gummies. Make sure to store such delta-8 products away from the reach of children.


Will a drug test catch traces of THC? 

This depends on the test itself. “Delta-8 is a form of THC but drug tests tend to look for delta-9 generally”, says Charlie Thompson, an expert cannabis botanist at Divine Hemps. “However, the presence of delta-8 could also lead to a positive result for THC”, he adds. Urine tests also do not specify what type of cannabinoid has been consumed. It is better to avoid taking any cannabinoid or THC product before a drug test, regardless of whether it’s delta-8 or delta-9. 


Every individual will have a different reaction to delta-8 THC. To test the effect of any product on your body, start with a small dose. In the case of products like gummies, try to take bites out of a single gummy rather than eating one whole at the very beginning. Remember that different methods of consumption will produce results in varying durations, and effects of delta-8 THC may show up slower in the case of gummies or other edibles. 

By testing out the product bit by bit, you will become familiar with the limits of your own body and eventually figure out the ideal dosage by yourself.