5 Common Sexual Health Challenges In Men

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Sexual health challenges in men are broadly regarded as male sexual dysfunction and disorders that prevent men from wanting or experiencing satisfaction from any sexual activity. These challenges could interfere with any stage of sexual intercourse.  

Sexual dysfunction doesn’t generally affect the quality of physical health. But it usually affects mental health, leading to low self-esteem, depression, and anxiety, among other psychological problems. 

Although both women and men could experience sexual health challenges, it’s said to be more common among men of sexually active age. Satisfying sex could be dependent on an individual’s desires, expectations, and needs, which generally involve the body and mind. All of these could impact a man’s quality of sex life.

Common sexual disorders in men could involve problems in desire, orgasm, ejaculation, pleasure, or arousal. Here’s a list of some of the common health sexual challenges mentioned by toowoombaspecialists.com.au and what they mean.

Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction (ED) makes it difficult for men to get sexually aroused or maintain sexual arousal when engaged in sexual intercourse or any sexual activity. It’s commonly referred to as impotency. The individual involved would have difficulty in getting or holding an erection. 

ED is said to be very common in men. Hence, many men may have battled with this sexual disorder at a point in their life. If you’re one of these men, it’s important not to self-medicate when you have ED. It’s also not advisable to take oral drugs for ED without proper diagnosis. Instead, you could visit Ironmountainmenshealth.Com and such other sources that tackle men’s sexual health to get treated effectively. 

ED may be due to physical or psychological factors. Among the physical factors are low testosterone levels, penis injury, raised blood pressure, lack of exercise, and diabetes. 

The common psychological factors are stress, performance anxiety, depression, and relationship factors. There are cases where men are turned on sexually but their penis refused to be aroused to get into sexual acts. In other cases, the erection they get is short or not firm enough.

Low Libido

Low libido is one of the key factors that affect a man’s sexual health. A man with low libido is said to have reduced or loss of interest in sex. This sexual dysfunction is usually associated with low testosterone levels of the male hormone. 

Testosterone is the primary sex hormone that regulates the libido for sexual drives. If it’s medically confirmed that your low testosterone level is responsible for your disinterest in sexual acts, your medical practitioner might prescribe supplements to increase such hormone. 

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However, there are other medical conditions that are thought to be responsible for low libido, such as depression, diabetes, high blood pressure, anxiety, or effects of certain medications, like antidepressants. It’s also possible not to have sexual desire due to personal reasons, like problems in a relationship. It’s important to open up to your doctor so they could get to the root of the problem. Being open-minded and honest would also help your doctor prescribe the right treatment.

Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation, which means ejaculation after little or no physical stimulation, is thought to be the most common of the ejaculatory sexual disorders in men. Many men are said to be dealing with this issue on a daily basis, regardless of age. 

Generally, men having premature ejaculation will have few moments of sexual activity before ejaculating. They couldn’t sustain sexual moments for a desired period of time, which could lead to a conclusion of sexual incompetency among partners. In other words, the male reaches sexual climax too quickly before he wishes. 

The exact cause of premature ejaculation isn’t known. It may be caused by penile hypersensitivity and negative conditioning. Other factors may include low self-esteem, sexual depression, an unresolved issue with a partner, or loss of sexual interest. 

In some cases, some men can learn to control themselves and only ejaculate when they wish to with or without medical intervention. However, it’s critical to visit an expert for proper diagnosis as it could be an early sign of ED.

Delayed Or Inhibited Ejaculation

Men with delayed ejaculation would find it hard to ejaculate even after a long period of sexual stimulation. And for others with inhibited ejaculation, the ability to ejaculate isn’t possible for them at all. 

People with this sexual challenge have a firm erection and normal sexual arousal, but they only have a problem when it comes to ejaculation. They can stay active in sexual acts for too long, which may cause the sexual activity to reach an anticlimax stage. 

Sometimes delayed or inhibited ejaculation may be an early symptom of diabetes. Some studies propose that serotonin, a hormone that affects a person’s mood, may also be responsible for it. In other cases, it could be the side effect of using medications like steroids, antidepressants, pain killers, and high blood pressure medicines or of too much alcohol drinking.

Delayed or inhibited ejaculation may also be caused by physical factors like spinal cord surgery, aging, and diabetes. If you’re experiencing delayed or inhibited ejaculation, you shouldn’t be embarrassed to discuss it with a health professional for proper diagnosis and treatment, or look for a semen volumizer supplement. 

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Retrograde Ejaculation

Retrograde ejaculation occurs when men experience orgasm without ejaculation, commonly referred to as dry ejaculation. It’s a dysfunction in which the bladder neck doesn’t close off properly, which forces the semen to flow backward into the bladder and not out of the urethra. It’s simply an ejaculation into the bladder. This is why some people think retrograde ejaculation is responsible for infertility as it prevents the sperm from getting to one’s partner. 

This particular sexual health challenge is generally found in men suffering from a diabetic nerve breakdown. In some men, retrograde ejaculation occurs as a result of the aftermath of an operation done on the prostate. Men with this dysfunction would usually notice the presence of semen in their first urine after sexual intercourse, which makes the urine cloudy. 

Some of the common causes of retrograde ejaculation include radical prostatectomy (prostate surgery) or cyst prostatectomy (bladder surgery). The aftereffect of certain prescriptions, nerve damage, depression, high blood pressure may also lead to it. 


Sexual health challenges in men are not issues to be ashamed of or feel abnormal about. A lot of men, regardless of age, may be dealing with one or more sexual dysfunctions. This could cause them to have low self-esteem and relationship constraints with their sexual partner. Some of these sexual dysfunctions may be part of the symptoms of a physical or psychological condition. So feel free to discuss it with a qualified health practitioner for proper diagnosis and treatment. Getting treated would ensure you a more fulfilling sexual experience and health.