How to increase testosterone levels with exercises?

Energy workout

Testosterone is also called the hormone of masculinity. If there is not enough testosterone in your body, you might suffer from different symptoms, such as hair loss, low energy levels, extra kilograms, and lack of self-confidence.

Low levels of this hormone also have an impact on low libido and erection problems, and at the same time, the body begins to lose muscle mass. Nothing pleasant here, right? On the other hand, the good news is that you can increase testosterone levels with a variety of methods.

Several things define masculinity, among them hormones

The combination of all hormones plays a role in the body and affects well-being, health, reactions, thinking, etc. In the male body, however, testosterone is essential. It is a sex hormone and is mostly formed in the testicles.

It has a role already in childhood and puberty, as it takes care of the proper development of the genitals, deepens the voice in adolescence, and is responsible for the growth of hair on the face and elsewhere on the body. Later in life, it also affects muscle size and strength, bone growth, sperm production, and libido.

Testosterone is synthesized in the body from cholesterol. But having high cholesterol doesn’t mean the hormone levels will be high. The pituitary gland in the brain controls hormone levels too carefully for this to happen.

Over the years, testosterone declines, but you can change its production in the body

The unfortunate fact is that testosterone declines over the years. However, this does not mean that you have to face all the consequences of a lack of this hormone, as you can slow down this process in various ways and ensure the masculine energy, health, sexual strength, the desired body shape, etc. Here are some practical tips on how a sexual wellness treatment can increase testosterone levels in your body:

  • Avoid chronic stress, excessive alcohol consumption, smoking, etc. All this affects the stress hormone cortisol. High cortisol levels lower testosterone levels.
  • Ensure a balanced, varied, and nutrient-rich diet. 
  • Stay in the fresh air and sun as much as possible because you get a vitamin D from the sun, which affects the production of testosterone in the body.
  • Develop healthy sleeping habits and provide your body a quality rest time.
  • Complex exercises (more on this below).
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Does exercise training increase testosterone levels?

To stimulate the production of a male hormone in the body, you can take advantage of the potential of exercise. It is important to focus on short and intense workouts with complex movements for optimal results, while you involve significantly more muscle groups and consequently excrete more testosterone. Numerous studies, such as this and this, also show that training has a significant effect on testosterone production in the body. Additionally, if you’re interested in monitoring your testosterone levels at home, you can consider using an at home testosterone test kit to gain insights into your hormone levels.

Specially designed testo-boost training

Testo-boost training is specifically designed to achieve high levels of testosterone in your body. The advantages of this workout are that you can do it anywhere and anytime in less than half an hour, without using additional equipment.

The training consists of five different complex exercises, of which we will present two exercises to increase testosterone levels, and the rest you can see here When training, it is vital to do each exercise for 60 seconds. You do all five workouts in one round and then rest for two minutes. You do five repetitions.

Morning jumps

In a standing position, stretch your arms next to the body. From this position, lower yourself to the ground by leaning on your outstretched arms and moving your legs away at the same time, thus reaching the classic push-up pose. You will reach the endpoint when you have your legs fully extended, and your upper body rests in parallel with the ground. When you achieve this, return to a standing position.

This exercise will activate a lot of muscles. But make sure that the movements are correct and that you do it as fast as you can. However, your hips should not drop too low towards the ground, as this can cause you pain.

Closing the book

Lie on your back and keep your hands away from the body. Then lift your legs off the ground and lengthen them at a right angle. During the next 60 seconds, you try to move your upper body away from the ground as many times as possible and bring your palms closer to your feet, keeping your legs outstretched at all times.

Your abdominal muscles will work with this exercise. If you would like to do the exercise correctly, make sure that your lumbar area never bends excessively, as the point is in activating the abdominal muscles.

What’s next?

In addition to the five testo-boost exercises, you can progress, get in shape, and at the same time stimulate the natural production of testosterone in the body with the use of an advanced training system Perfect Body, which consists of three different levels, so you can progress from a complete beginner to a guy in the best form of his life.