How to Reboot your Liver and Make it Perform Efficiently?

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Our liver is an important component in our body responsible for better digestion. You need to have a healthier lifestyle and not drink too much alcohol to preserve your liver. A few tips can help better liver maintenance. 

The liver is one of the largest organs in our body, residing on the upper-hand side of your abdomen. It is responsible for cleansing blood released from our intestines and breaking it into a simpler substance. Our body depends on our liver for nutrition and its absorption.  

However, smoking or drinking alcohol makes liver function harder, damaging it in the longer run. Better functioning of our liver is super important to have more energy and better food digestion. If you feel like your liver health is deteriorating, it is essential to reboot it to perform effectively. Let’s jump right into the article and see how you can maintain liver health. 

What is Our Liver Responsible for? 

Our liver is one of the largest organs in our body and is responsible for multiple things. If a person has a bad liver, they deal with several problems. Here are some things our liver is responsible for: 

Absorption of Nutrition 

Our liver is located on the upper right hand in our abdomen, which helps absorb nutrition from the blood. Our intestine passes blood to the liver, which helps in further breaking down nutrition into simpler substances. The liver makes it easier for our body and other organs to absorb nutrition and convert it into energy. 

Bile Production 

We all have learned about bile and its production in the human body. Our liver is responsible for bile production, which is a substance important to digest complex fats and vitamins. It makes you feel more energized and less bloated. Hence, bile production is crucial for our body for better metabolism.


When going on a ketogenic diet, we try to have foods that help our body detox. However, our liver is a detoxification organ in our body that helps fight toxins. When you drink alcohol or smoke, the liver has to work hard to eliminate toxins from your body. You must have noticed that people with excessive alcohol deal with liver failure. 

Energy Storage 

Our body needs the energy to function, which it gets from food. However, the food has to be converted into energy by some organs in our body. Our liver is responsible for converting glucose into energy and storing it for later use. Sometimes, our food is converted into a complex substance known as glycogen which is not easier to use as energy. The liver converts glycogen into glucose and stores it in energy form. 

What Causes Bad Liver Health? 

Our liver can easily get damaged if we don’t have a healthy lifestyle. A lot of things can contribute to its damage, including: 

  • Excessive consumption of alcohol and smoking. 
  • Infections such as cuts, hepatitis, etc. 
  • Genetic disorders and exposure to harmful chemicals frequently. 
  • Diseases such as cancer or having medications regularly. 
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How to Improve Liver Health Faster? 

If you are dealing with bad liver health, the exposure to diseases is high. Don’t worry; you can reverse liver damage by doing a few things. Here they are: 

Avoid Infections 

People dealing with infection frequently have bad liver health. Our liver has to function harder to combat infections causing poor health. Curcumin benefits for fighting infections are numerous and help with faster recovery.  

The antibacterial property is ideal for restricting bacterial growth and improving overall health. Please make sure you have good hygiene as it also ensures you don’t have skin disorders. On the other hand, take your multi-vitamins and supplements to boost immunity. 

Control your Weight 

Sometimes being overweight and having too much fatty food can over-stress your liver. Managing your weight can reduce the burden and make your liver function efficiently. Turmeric for liver repair works perfectly fine and shows effective results. Try to incorporate exercise into your daily routine and eat healthily to improve your overall health. 

Quit Smoking and Drinking 

Smoking is an addiction for many people, but temporary highs can give you a lifetime of lows. Don’t depend on smoking too much as it makes your liver function harder and can make it collapse at any time. Similarly, drinking can also cause permanent liver damage making your body under fight or flight mode. Getting drunk every day and partying can cause your liver more harm than you can imagine. 

Our Verdict 

Healthy liver functioning is crucial to having great overall health. Sometimes, taking too many medications and having an unhealthy lifestyle can damage your liver. Hence, it is essential to be cautious and maintain a good lifestyle.