5 Reasons to Prefer a Teeth Implant Over a Bridge

dental implants

Teeth are an important blessing that should be taken care of properly to avoid a lot of pain and discomfort. You should do your best to maintain your teeth’s health, but you should accept the fact that sometimes you cannot avoid losing them. When you have to replace your teeth, you are given two basic options: you can either get a bridge or teeth implants. This article will explain why you may prefer teeth implants over a bridge. 

Doesn’t Affect Other Teeth

You can’t install a bridge without affecting other teeth. You have to make a cap that goes on adjacent teeth for support. To adjust that cap, the dentist has to cut them in half as well. This means you will have to sacrifice one or two teeth to get a replacement for the affected ones. 

This won’t be a problem if you go to a dental implants specialist. Implants don’t require you to get support from other teeth. They are installed only at the place where tooth loss happened, keeping the rest of your dentition safe and making the whole process more efficient.  

No Maintenance Required

Dental implants require little to no maintenance. You will have to clean it every now then, but it doesn’t have issues like real teeth or bridges. Just make sure you clean it after you eat, and before you go to bed to never worry again about cavities or weakening. 

Implant ones are reliable and strong teeth that will stay with you for a lifetime and won’t need you to take any precautionary measures for them. They might cost a little extra at the beginning, but the benefits pay off in the long term. 

No More Dental Problems

Once you have replaced your weakened teeth with implants, you will no longer have to worry about anything. The pain in the gums can be really scary, but you won’t have to deal with this issue anymore. While the teeth under the bridge can again suffer from issues like cavities, there won’t be such a problem with implants. 

They are completely artificial teeth that are not vulnerable to any diseases. These are implanted inside the gums with screws, so you can rest assured that there will never be any need for a root canal or prepucectomy. 

Attached Like Natural Teeth

As dental implants are installed inside the gums through a surgical process, they look exactly like natural teeth. These also look and operate like natural ones. These are not like bridges that can cause problems if they touch the gums. You get full support of the jaw when you have dental implants. 

Stronger and Long-Lasting

Compared to any other solution of teeth, dental implants last the longest. They are a reliable solution for people with weak or damaged teeth. You don’t have to maintain them and they don’t move, get weak, or fall off. Once you have installed implants, you can rest assured that you won’t have to visit a dentist for them again. Getting dental implants? Don’t forget to book an appointment with the dentist now.