Some Precautionary Measures to Follow Post Facelift Surgery


Cosmetic treatments have become the all-be and end-all of everyone’s life, especially women who wish to look their best throughout their life. Just like some other cosmetic procedures, a facelift is a well-recognized one to improve one’s appearance. 

Let’s get the insights

A facelift is also referred to as rhytidectomy which is known to improve the common visible signs of aging on one’s face. There can be many reasons behind aging effects on the face like – growing age, excessive sun exposure, gravity, stress, and much more. 

This cosmetic surgery consists of eliminating excess fat, tightening the muscles, re-drape the skin and neck area, etc. No wonder it brings the best results on your face but at the same time, you should consult with the facial plastic surgeon first. This will help you get familiar with the expected results in advance. After all, it’s a cosmetic procedure and no magic. Therefore, you should be familiar with the detailed process. 

Facelift leaves a desirable impact on your face but at the same time, you should know how to preserve your skin. Many experienced dermatologists like Dr. Doshi explained this treatment as a customized one. Therefore, one needs to preserve the skin based on the unique skin texture type. Post-surgery skin care is essential as your skin is extremely delicate and requires ultra care. 

Here are some effective skin care practices to follow and see a remarkable result on your face:

#1 – Cleanse and moisturize

The skin feels tender and moderate after a cosmetic procedure. Thus, you need to take some extra care when washing or thoroughly cleansing your face. Here, the major focus is on restoring the bone structure or correcting it. This type of surgery leaves a positive impact on your confidence level too. Here, the major concern is with the sagging skin. For this, you can check out facelift surgery by Dr. Doshi who recommends undergoing different types of facelift surgeries including – the deep plane lift, the mid-face lift, the short scars, the mini face lift and much more. All of these types work on the different segments of the face giving it a better structure. 

#2 – Be concerned about wearing makeup

Most of you may not believe in leaving your home without wearing makeup. But when undergoing facelift surgery recently, you need to revamp your rules for some time. Try to avoid wearing makeup at least for the next two weeks as it can result in skin irritation or rashes. 

#3 – Say NO to harmful sun rays

Sun can be an enemy for the next few weeks. Thus, stop stepping out in the daytime. If extremely important, consider going out when the sun rays aren’t at their peak. The ideal time is before 10 a.m or after 5 p.m in the summer. This will limit hampering your skin while helping you recover faster. Also, ensure that you apply a sufficient amount of SPF cream for the next month. This can prove to be a savior for sure. 


Your face says a lot about your self-care regime. And that’s why people often prefer undergoing cosmetic procedures taking you through different medicinal processes. A facelift is all about improving your face’s texture and giving you the confidence you have been missing for years now. All you need is to take care of your skin post-surgery and you are all set to see the best results forever.