Getting Your “Fix” At A Beverly Hills Facelift Clinic

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Without a doubt, Beverly Hills is one of the most sophisticated cities in California where the rich reside – it is actually where a lot of movie stars live! It is also the place where money is not usually a problem, and being beautiful (and maintaining it) is one of their top priorities. With that being said – it is not uncommon for men and women alike to go to a Beverly Hills Facelift clinic to make sure that their beauty will not be fading anytime soon.  

It is a known fact that facelift surgery is the most effective method for achieving the most spectacular and long-lasting effects when we talk about facial rejuvenation. Men and women who opt to get a facelift could appear up to ten years younger and maintain their appearance for ten to fifteen years or longer. Beverly Hills Facelift clinics are proud and pleased to have helped thousands of patients in achieving a gorgeous new look using the most sophisticated as well as cutting-edge facelift methods available in Southern California. 

If you are annoyed or embarrassed by the indications of facial aging, learn about the life-changing advantages of getting facelift surgery.

Knowing More About Beverly Hills Facelift


The majority of men and women believe that a facelift is solely an anti-aging operation. On the other hand, the Beverly Hills facelift has a plethora of cosmetic, psychological, and functional benefits. Several of the most significant changes that can be accomplished with Beverly Hills facelift surgery include the following:

  • Eliminate excess, sagging skin in the face and neck
  • Reduces face and neck wrinkles and lines
  • Replenish volume loss in the cheekbones and face
  • Drooping jowls will be lifted
  • Tighten sagging facial skin
  • Eliminate stubborn fat beneath the chin and on the neck
  • Achieve an overall youthful, happy appearance

The Doctors will extensively analyze and discuss your unique concerns at your initial appointment for Beverly Hills facelift surgery and discuss your desired outcome and answer all of your questions before offering a personalized surgical approach that will best accomplish your goals.


A widespread misperception regarding facelift surgery is it is only appropriate for older people. But the truth is, a facelift is among the most sought-after treatments done on both males and females of all ages. 

A Beverly Hills Facelift clinic usually performs the following types of facelifts:

Full Facelift or Traditional Facelift

The full or traditional facelift is the most common type of facelift surgery. This is used to resolve advanced signs of aging across the entire face. A drooping brow, sunken cheeks, wrinkles and lines, and drooping jowls are just a few of the most prevalent concerns that a full facelift may substantially alleviate.


The mid-facelift is best suited for clients with primary concerns about the lower two-thirds of their face, including frown lines and sagging jowls.

Lower Facelift: 

The lower facelift is for men and women who have mild to serious concerns about unwanted skin and fat around their neck, jowls, and below the chin.

The doctors will thoroughly analyze your symptoms and evaluate your health expectations, history, and goals at your first facelift consultation in order to establish the most appropriate schedule for the procedure. While every patient is unique, various facial cosmetic surgery procedures may be more effective at a particular age due to skin laxity as well as other personal considerations. For instance, patients with mild to moderate eyelid issues may be perfect prospects to undergo blepharoplasty, also called eyelid surgery – but men and women with deep wrinkles, prominent jowls, and sagging skin may benefit from a full facelift.

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Is it permanent?

While no cosmetic surgical operation can completely reverse the signs of aging, the facelift is unquestionably among the most efficient treatments for drastically reversing the aging effects and reducing the advancement of wrinkles, lines, and other undesirable changes. When patients follow correct aftercare instructions, the benefits of getting a facelift surgery can last up to ten to fifteen years or more until a revision surgery is required. To help patients in keeping and prolonging the benefits of facial plastic surgery, the following measures should be followed:

  • Following the plastic surgeon’s postoperative recommendations.
  • Adhering to specified medication 
  • Keeping all scheduled follow-up appointments.
  • Not attempting to hasten your recuperation.
  • Ensuring that the skin is hydrated
  • Maintaining adequate hydration
  • Avoiding excessive sun exposure
  • Utilizing nonsurgical or minimally invasive maintenance procedures

Possible side effects 

Talking about facelift surgery, the majority of adverse effects are the result of surgical error and inadequate postoperative care. To reduce surgical error, you should select a board-certified plastic surgeon who is competent, experienced, and skilled. This is critical to minimizing the danger of infection, complications, numbness, prolonged bleeding and swelling, unsatisfying outcomes, and unnatural appearance. When appropriately performed by a qualified and experienced plastic surgeon, the dangers associated with facelift surgery are little to none. Doctors also exercise extreme caution to guarantee that Beverly Hills facelift clients will achieve long-lasting, stunning, natural-looking results with the lowest potential danger of surgical and postoperative problems.

Beverly Hills Facelift: Feel Better and Look Younger

Facelift surgery can help anyone, whether they are 35, 45, or 75 years old. A world-class board-certified plastic surgeon would have had conducted quite a number of effective face rejuvenation treatments to enable men and women to turn back time and reclaim a confident appearance. Beverly Hills facelift surgery can assist you in achieving the beautiful, youthful, sensual appearance of your desires with just a short period of downtime and long-lasting results.


Usually, the initial appointment will include an in-depth discussion of your objectives and answer all your questions. They will respond to your concerns to make you comfortable.  You will never be compelled to have a facelift surgery done. 

The assessment entails scanning your face with a 3D imaging system. The scan enables computerized alteration of your image from multiple perspectives, allowing for the creation of a surgical plan that enhances your features and eliminates the elements that will contribute to the appearance of age, exhaustion, and lack of vitality.