Post Operative Care Tips for LASIK Surgery

LASIK Surgery

The eyes are one of the body’s most vital organs. Once the eyes begin to fail, there is no turning back. You’ll suffer from diminished eyesight and may even have severe complications if they are left unchecked. However, recent developments in the medical field have allowed corrective eye surgeries to flourish. These surgeries help improve eye health and functionality, as doctors can repair these crucial organs very quickly. 

However, if you’re someone who wishes to let go of your corrective lenses or improve eye-related conditions, you should speak with reputable medical practitioners. Several medical sites can initially help you out even if you cannot consult with them physically due to existing restrictions. They have specialists who can direct you through the various processes and complications.

If you pursue LASIK surgery to correct your vision, you’ll need to recognize that it’s a complicated process. You will have to undergo the protocols from pre-operation until post-operation to ensure that your procedure is successful. Here are some proven tips for your post-operative care. 

Limit your activities

You’ll probably feel woozy for a few days. You won’t have full control of your faculties because you still have to completely shake off the effects of the medications. You’ll need someone to assist you for a few days as you regain your bearings. You shouldn’t exert yourself too much for a few days after the surgery. Bedrest will do you good until your eyes function correctly once more. 

Don’t rub your eyes

While it may be uncomfortable, you’ll have to wear an eye mask to prevent you from rubbing your eyes. Your eyes will itch as it heals, and you tend to them. If you refuse to wear an eye mask, you’ll prolong the healing time. Even if you have to tape the edges of the eye shield, you’ll have to learn to live with it temporarily. 

Don’t get water in your eyes

Water carries bacteria, and because of the surgery, you don’t want the area to become infected. Should you feel the urge to clean the area around your eyes, you could soak a few cotton balls with a saline solution and rub them around. You’ll have to endure the discomfort for up to a month. 

Use all prescribed medications and eye drops

One of the aftereffects of LASIK surgery is dry eyes. You’ll need to lubricate your eyes properly using the prescribed eye drops. That’s  the only liquid that can touch your eyes during the healing process. This medication will prevent swelling and infection as your corneal flaps heal. Always remember to ask your doctor for the right eye drops rather than choose an over-the-counter brand. 

Don’t forget scheduled medical appointments and follow-ups 

If you want to have the best results for your surgery, you’ll need to keep all scheduled appointments. Constant communication with your surgeon and ophthalmologist will guide you through the process. They will monitor your progress and treat any health issues. You should also be forthcoming if you’re feeling any side effects. 


If you want to have a successful eye surgery, you’ll have to live with some discomfort for some time. However, these precautions will help in ensuring that you will have the best results possible.