Medical vs. Adult-Use Cannabis Dispensaries

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If you have been looking to visit a cannabis dispensary, then it is well worth being aware of the different types and the products they offer. Indeed, not every cannabis dispensary is created equally, and they often offer a wide variety of different products. Being aware of this is crucial for your first trip to one of them, as this can help you ensure that you’re picking out the right choice of products for your unique needs! After all, every cannabis user is different – and with this in mind, you may be looking for a different solution compared to the next cannabis customer!

Before you can look at choosing the best cannabis dispensary for your needs, it’s naturally crucial to consider the difference between medical and adult-use (or recreational) ones. Indeed, while there are some cannabis dispensaries that will offer a wide selection of different products, including both recreational and medicinal cannabis, these are generally few and far between. Instead, most of them will have a primary focus on offering products either for the recreational or medicinal markets, with little crossover in between; considering this may help you make the best choices for your own cannabis dispensary selection. If you are planning to order online,you can check this guide by Vela Community here.

Medical Cannabis Dispensaries 

Medical cannabis dispensaries, as standard, are your go-to choice if you have been looking for cannabis from a purely medicinal perspective. Indeed, medical cannabis dispensaries specialize in supplying premium quality solutions for users who are looking for cannabis to help with medical needs. 

Some key examples of symptoms and conditions that medical cannabis may help with include anxiety, depression, arthritis, joint pain, nausea, and fatigue/inability to sleep. For some medical cannabis users, the ability to control or limit seizures may also be notable. However, the exact nature often depends on the type of cannabis used for this purpose; for example, some strains may give a more calming effect, while others may be energising.

The notable trait with medical cannabis dispensaries is that their products are often intended solely for therapeutic benefits. As such, most medical cannabis dispensaries do not provide high-THC cannabis products, and some may only sell cannabis to those with a medical prescription for cannabis products. Therefore, we recommend you do your research before visiting a medicinal cannabis store to make sure that you won’t be turned away.

Recreational (Adult-Use) Cannabis Dispensaries

Along with medicinal cannabis dispensaries, which exist solely to provide medical cannabis products, recreational or adult-use cannabis dispensaries are also rapidly growing in popularity. Indeed, recreational cannabis dispensaries typically stock a far wider selection of cannabis products than their medical alternatives. These products will usually have a far higher THC content than the cannabis products sold through medical cannabis dispensaries; as a result of this, they elicit the iconic “high” that cannabis is so often pictured as causing.

Of course, we should point out that many recreational cannabis dispensaries, in order to appeal to a wider market, may also offer a small selection of medical marijuana products, too. However, since their primary focus is usually on the recreational adult market, this selection may be smaller and may still contain a higher THC content than you might find from medical cannabis dispensaries. With that being said, users can still receive medical benefits from recreational cannabis strains – but these will likely be accompanied by psychedelic effects. If a user doesn’t want to experience these effects, they should hence opt exclusively for a medical strain rather than a strain that offers the “best of both.” 

Can I Grow my Own Cannabis in Canada? 

If you’d prefer to grow your own cannabis in Canada rather than buying through a cannabis dispensary, the implementation of the Cannabis Act allows you to do so. However, the exact allowances vary from province to province, and in some locations, you may need to apply for a license to grow cannabis in your home. 

Choosing the Best Cannabis Dispensaries

If you think that sourcing cannabis through a cannabis dispensary might be the ideal option for you, then there are several factors you may want to consider to make the decision carefully. These include the following points:

  • Always choose a cannabis dispensary that is reputed for offering high-quality cannabis products. Some cheaper cannabis products may seem more affordable at first glance, but could potentially be contaminated with lesser quality ingredients.
  • Your chosen cannabis dispensary should ideally be one that offers good customer service, be it in person or online. Indeed, you never know when you might need support, and with this in mind, choosing a dispensary that can give you additional help may be worthwhile as a new cannabis user.
  • Product selection is a key point for many cannabis customers. Indeed, in many cases, the type and variety of products may be a key deciding factor for the best cannabis dispensary. 

Finding the ideal choice of cannabis dispensary for your own needs can sometimes seem a little tricky – but hopefully, today’s guide will have helped you find out more about the different types of cannabis dispensaries and how to choose one that’s the most suitable for your own needs.  If you plan to buy online,you can find good deals here. After all, every cannabis customer’s buying needs will be different from the next customer’s needs; as a result of this, it’s so important that you’ve carefully considered the different options available to you to choose a cannabis dispensary that provides effective, high-quality solutions.