How to Turn Your Passion for Medicine into a Career

Doctor and her patient

The key to succeeding in your career is to do something that you know about, but also something that you’re passionate about. Being passionate about medicine and healthcare not only ensures that you and your loved ones can have healthy and positive lives, it also provides the opportunity to enter into a career in the medical professional. These can be the most rewarding careers of them of all when it comes to job satisfaction, as well as being lucrative. When you think of a medical career, you may first think of physicians and general practitioners, but here are five alternative medical jobs which could be ideal for those with the passion and drive to help others.

Medical Administrator

Hospitals and medical centers can be large buildings and large and complex businesses too, and for the sake of the patients within, it’s essential that they operate as smoothly and efficiently as possible. That’s why the role of medical administrator is such an important one, even though it may not be the first thing you think of when considering medical careers. They help to ensure that appointments are set, and that staff operate to optimal levels, and they can also help to create clear lines of communication between members of staff, patients and the wider public. Excellent organizational and interpersonal skills are a prerequisite for this role.


Becoming a nurse is to many a vocation rather than a career, a calling that develops from a love of helping and caring for others gained at an early age. This then is the primary skill that a nurse must possess, with further skills and knowledge being attained at nursing college and then university. One of the great advantages of having a job in nursing is that it’s such a varied career, meaning that fully trained and qualified nurses can find a specialty that they love, whether that be caring for elderly patients, pediatrics, psychiatric care or providing nursing care for cancer patients or those needing emergency treatments.

Nurse Practitioner

Another advantage of becoming a nurse is that there’s huge scope for personal growth and career progression, and these opportunities are greater than ever before. One of the ultimate roles in nursing is that of Nurse Practitioner, because it means that they progress from nursing itself into a physician who can operate their own medical practice. The training necessary to reach this position can be done online, allowing the nurse to undertake the study at a time and place convenient to them. Online nurse practitioner programs Virginia and elsewhere are provided by Carson-Newman University, and they allow you to gain a Master of Science in Nursing degree and Family Nurse Practitioner accreditation in as little as 32 months.

Rehabilitation Therapist

Many conditions and injuries need a careful program of rehabilitation and exercise to aid recovery, and this is where a rehabilitation therapist’s skills become so important. They have a great understanding of how the human body functions, and how to improve its strength and mobility when its function has been impaired. They do this by first assessing the patient and then providing a series of carefully tailored exercises. On occasion, a rehabilitation therapist can provide direct manipulation therapy or prescribe the use of orthotics. This can be a particularly rewarding field of medicine to enter into, as the practitioner can see how the actions that they take bring about significant improvements in the quality of life of their patient. In order to become one, however, you’ll need to have a good grasp of human anatomy. There are plenty of online resources to help you study and take tests. Look especially for courses on muscle anatomy and bones to complement your degree study.

Speech-Language Pathologists

Being able to communicate well is essential to a medical career and to life in general, but many people have physical impediments that can make it hard for them to communicate. They can be greatly aided by the help of speech-language pathologists, and this is one of the highest paid medical jobs outside that of a physician or surgeon. They provide speech therapy to children and adults alike, and as well as helping them improve their social and cognitive communication skills, they also treat swallowing disorders. In this way they can greatly enhance the health and lives of their patients.

These are just five exciting medical careers other than that of physician, and the main requirement for all of them is a love of medicine and a passion for improving the lives of others. If you have these two traits, there’s never been a better time to start a career in medicine, thanks to the rapid growth in online resources and the possibility of gaining degrees and advanced qualifications online from prestigious universities such as Carson-Newman.